Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy 9 month Birthday!

Sarah is 9 months old today, if you can believe it!
She had her 9 month check on Monday and weighed 21.8 pounds! She loves her some food! The girl CAN eat, I'm sure she eats more than Jakob - it's nuts!
Sarah took 2 steps last week, hasn't done it since. But, she is getting better and better at standing by herself for longer periods of time. She has started using some baby sign language, she does the sign for "milk", and sometimes "all done" (which is the same as when she waves "bye bye"), and today started copying me for "please" - which at this point is, patting her chest. She also understands what "Shake your booty" means and will do it when music is playing - Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Sarah, found the keys - an exciting find for her!

Sarah, and Mommy communicating by patting our chests! Very primitive, but it gets the job done, I at least knew that Sarah was asking for "Milk, please"

When Sarah doesn't get milk right away, she finds a way to get it - be it tackling, bullying or stripping Mommy for it!

Clapping together.

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