Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For the Grandparents - again

I know it's been a little while since I've posted - well not that long, but long for the Nana!
Here is Sarah tonight, practicing her newest move - clapping!

Sarah, actually eating peas, without having a whole body convulsion, with disgust! She likes them, as long as they are frozen and as long as she can feed them to herself!

Jakob and Ian at their 1st basketball class - they will have 9 classes, every Saturday - Jakob seemed to like it, but kept asking when he was going to go to swimming lessons. The story is that I asked him which class he would rather take "Basketball or Swimming" and he said "Basketball", but I guess that didn't stick - that's a 3 year old mind for you! We will try to get to the indoor pool more this year!

Oh, and my little accomplishment - I grew a red bell pepper, I can't believe it! I am not a gardener, nor do I really enjoy it, but I planted some tomatoes and a pepper and they actually lived, not sure how the pepper will taste, but I did it! We also grew some strawberries, they were delicious, the ones that I got to have, Jakob ate most of them, as he does with the tomatoes! Maybe next year we will actually make a garden plot - when we have our own place - we'll see how adventurous I get! As we are in Portland longer and longer, it makes me want to garden, it's just the effort and knowledge of which at this moment I don't have either, but everyone around us does it! Plus, Jakob loves it.

Oh and a little first for Jakob, he watched Star Wars for the first time on Sunday and is ADDICTED, he has watched it in the morning and evening everyday since! I think he likes the spaceships and the "light savers" a.k.a. lightsabers. Like Father Like Son!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is what we are feeling in out house right now. Between Me having to get up at the crack of dawn to leave the house with Sarah by 7 am, Sarah getting over a cold, Jakob having nightmares - we are all very sleep deprived! Oh, and Sarah is requiring a lot more work now as she is moving everywhere!
This little video is for Sarah and Jakob's big cousin, Sam, who hasn't seen Sarah crawling since she has become and expert! She is also now cruising along the couch, pushing doors open and recently discovered how fun the toilet bowl can be!

"Standing Pretty"

Sarah attacking Jakob in the tub

Jakob trying his best to make a "Santa beard"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy 8 Month Birthday Sarah!

Sarah is 8 months old today! She rung in her birthday with a visit to the Pediatrician, she's got a bad cold and was up from 4:30 am-7am coughing! Of course, when I took her in she was just fine, lungs clear, ears fine! This is her 2nd cold in about 3 weeks - gotta love daycare!
So, we spent the rest of the day trying to rest after our early morning hours awake - although Sarah only took a super short nap in the afternoon - which meant a super short nap for Mommy! Ahhhhh, the joys of parenting!

You would never know she was sick, here she is making a wonderful new discovery today...
Chewing on the corner protector of the coffee table

Laughing hysterically when I said "Sarah, what are you doing?" She totally knew what I was saying and kept on doing it - so proud of herself!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some Recent Pictures

Sarah, standing at her play/music table, she is everywhere and pulling herself up on everything, including people and doors - which makes it hard if you go outside to get the groceries, because when you come back she is standing at the screen door (can't open it or she will fall out)! Lucky for us she has a big brother who can ever so gently pull her away from the door and lay or sit her down! I had to post this picture, because I love her little skirt and she is outgrowing it so fast.

Hiking over the weekend at Tryon Creek (It's really my favorite place to hike in the summer, it's always shaded and has nice trails). This time we took 2 different trails and got a bit lost and walked for a little over an hour - Jakob did awesome, he loves hiking and Sarah just slept on my back most of the time!

A couple Jakob funnies

While playing and looking at spiders and/or caterpillars in the backyard tonight with Daddy and Roxy...
"No Germany!" to Roxy, most of you know that Mark so lovingly calls Roxy "German" since she is a German Shephard.

And then to me after spotting a spider...
"Mommy what's your favorite spider?"
Me: "I guess the Daddy Long Legs? I kind of like their long legs and small body" (Stretching for an answer as I'm not a fan of spiders).
Jakob: "Well, do you like the Mommy Long Legs too?"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Helping Others

So, we have "The Peace Book" by Todd Parr, checked out from the library. It's really a cute book. I read it to Jakob tonight and we talked about what we can do to be peaceful or help others.
Here are some of Jakob's ideas:
His first response was, "We can pick up someone else's dog poop" (Because some else's dog pooped in our yard)
"We can pick up trash that people forgot."
"We can be someones friend...like if someone doesn't have a friend, I could be there friend...I would just ask them what their name is."
"I can teach someone how to read if they don't know how" (Jakob doesn't know how either, but apparently thinks he does!)
About helping homeless people..
"We can let them sleep in our house"
"We can give them a couch if they don't have one."
"We can give them some clothes or books if they don't have any"
"We could give them some food or some seeds so they could plant some food...or pretty flowers!"
"We can give them money if they don't have any...then they could buy a house" (seems so easy doesn't it!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I was pretty down yesterday, had a bad morning, super stressed at work, started crying - at work - and to add to the day Sarah cried when I dropped her off and picked her up at daycare, and was just pretty hormonal for a lack of better words, today was a much better day! And, it was my Birthday, so I had to cheer up a bit.

And, Mark got me this...

A super cute, powder blue Diamondback bike for my Birthday! I was shocked! I even have a matching helmet - feel like a total dork in the helmet, but gotta be the good example! Now, we just need to work on getting the Daddy a bike and a baby seat and we're good to go.
Had a nice birthday, breakfast from my co-workers - super sweet - and Thai for dinner. Hanging out with some friends tomorrow and possibly a night out next week when our Ol' Trusty Auntie Amber is back in town!
Oh, and Sarah stood up for 2-3 seconds by herself tonight - not holding on to anything - so a pretty eventful birthday!
Thanks for all the cards and phone calls, I was so busy tonight and on the phone a lot that I didn't get to call everyone back!!
Lots of love to my peeps!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Crazy Kids

This is what my crazy kids are up to:

Sarah, digging in the Tupperware drawer - a serious find for her! Honestly, she is 7 1/2 months old, she shouldn't be doing this yet! Once she pulls herself up, she has to really think about how she is going to get back down, luckily she has a lot of padding on her behind and so far hasn't got too many bruises on the forehead!

Here's Jakob, pretending to be an astronaut. The laundry hamper is the rocket ship, the red mixing bowl was my idea for a spaceman helmet - of course he thought I was crazy, until Sarah and I both put one on, then it was a go! Fortunately we don't have a picture of me with the bowl on my head!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Real Football Game

Mark and Peter took Jakob and Ian to an Oregon Ducks football game yesterday. Jakob was very excited when he came home,
"Mommy, it was a REAL football game, they even tackled for REAL!"

Jakob and Ian - Jakob is blowing his Duck Lips whistle - or as he calls them "My Duck Clips"

Umm - apparently Mark HAD to take this picture - have to capture every part of the football game!

Best Buds

Monday, September 1, 2008

He Did It!

Mark ran in the Portland, Nike Human Race 10k on Sunday (the largest running event in the world) and did awesome! Jakob, Sarah and I waited at the finish line to cheer him on, we even had bells to ring. When the first runner crossed, Jakob yelled "Is it Daddy?"
Me: "No, honey, he'll be here soon."
Jakob: "But why isn't Daddy the fastest?"
Me: "Well....because there is only one winner? He'll be here soon, he is trying his hardest and that's what is important."
Jakob: "But why Daddy isn't the winner?" (yes that's the grammar that Jakob uses)
Again, I reiterate that there is only one winner, realizing that Jakob has thought that his parents are the best at everything until this point - reality is beginning to set in for him - we aren't the greatest at everything! Oh man just wait until he eats at someone else's house - what is he going to think of my cooking!

Anyhow, Mark did great with a time of 47 minutes 41 seconds - and his body held up very well.
We stayed around after the race to watch Nada Surf in concert. (The race that went on in Austin had Ben Harper - I'm sure - where does Portland rate - the race was at the Nike headquarters - C'mon!)

You can check out race info here:
Human Race

You can put in Mark's name and see his time.

Good Job Daddy! We are so proud of you and can't wait to see you race again!