Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mommy and the kids time...

Mark is out of town for the weekend, so we are living it up! Well of course we wish he was here with us, but we are making the best of it, a visit to the dog park, a nap, and an evening trip to the zoo, followed by some fast food for dinner - a pregnant woman wants what she wants and the kids didn't put up a fight! We were going to eat at the zoo but the restaurants closed earlier than expected - so fast food it was - the kids had their first Happy Meals, (that they can remember), I do remember giving them one on a road trip from Portland at one point. Anyhow, they enjoyed it for sure and know that Happy Meals are a treat!

Had a fantastic trip to the zoo, the animals are always busy in the evenings, when feeding time is happening. We lucked out and the Bonobo's were seriously putting on a show for us, serious acrobatics happening - the kids and I LOVED it! We felt kind of special too because there weren't many people around. The Bonobos are supposed to be the closest link to humans and we could see why - the brother was tormenting the little sister by chasing her and taking her toy away (a piece of burlap that she wore as a cape). I didn't get any pictures of this chaos it was happening so fast! We also saw the Orangutans putting on quite the show - swinging on ropes and rolling thru the grass, the kids loved that too! Lucky day at the zoo! This was Sarah's first trip to the zoo without a stroller and she was a super trooper, she probably walked a couple miles, she was zonked tonight though. She is really prepping to be a big sister, knowing that the stroller is for babies, she didn't want to bring it. Yay!

Here is Sarah saying, "Thank you Bonobos for the show!" This Bonobo came right up the glass, to Sarah but I wasn't fast enough to get the picture!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Catching up...

Been keeping busy growing a baby, taking care of 2 kiddos, a dog and working full time! Need I say more! :)
We've been having fun too, playing in the yard on warm days, exploring the natural history museum, having dance parties, shopping for the baby(girls night out) and going to baseball games (boys night out)! Oh and we started dog training classes, gonna have a super dog in no time- right?!

Mother/Son day, super fun at the natural history museum - an ice age great white shark - measuring 30-50 feet!

First 3-D movie at the natural history museum - Sea Rex!

18 weeks along!

Can you say, "OH yeah dance party!"

Sprinkler time!

Jakob getting honored at school for being a "Pillar of Respect and Responsibility, so proud of my boy!

Jakob's first Padres game! 

Happy Mommies Day

Had a wonderful day! Woke up at 6:30, with voices in the hallway, but then was allowed to sleep in until 8:45, that is unheard of! Thanks to Daddy! I was given breakfast in bed, doughnuts, pancakes and eggs - (what more could a pregnant lady want) oh my! Jakob joined me in bed to eat, luckily he did, all I could fit in my tummy was a doughnut and 1 small pancake - he helped with the rest. He got a big kick out of sitting in bed with me! Sarah had already downed her doughnut, wasn't too keen on sitting while we ate. I was given some of the sweetest gifts and a beautiful starfish necklace from my most amazing hubby!

Spent the afternoon with the in-laws and the nephews, we BBQ'd, managed 4 kiddo nerf gun chaos, and then treated ourselves to chocolate and the Carlsbad Chocolate Bar- YUMMY!

                                                  My sweet little blue bird gift from Sarah!

                                            Sweetest note from my sweet boy!
And our newest gift! Sweet baby girl Watson!!

Feeling very loved and so lucky to be a mommy to these amazing kiddos!