Sunday, November 14, 2010

Everyday adventures

We've been so busy packing, organizing, managing a crazy 2 1/2 year old and a 6 year old, fixing the Passat (which Mark totally rocked and saved us $1000 by doing it himself - took a whole day but he did it!!). It's been raining all weekend, so having the kids in the house while all of this is going on, has been more than a challenge. Luckily Jakob was able to have a play date yesterday, meanwhile I managed Sarah at home and tried to pack - which didn't work as Sarah thought it was really fun to pull the tape off the boxes and/or take the contents out!
Instead we played "pop the bubbles" on the bubble wrap and tea party, babies, dance party, and then put her to work on little jobs, like collecting all the stuffed animals to pack. This all worked for about an hour - and had about 5 melt downs in between there! How do we stay sane?!!
Anyhow, today we had a pretty lazy day, slept in, chocolate chip pancakes, a walk to the park in the late morning, packing etc. All while wearing our jammies - well the kids anyways - me in sweats - Sunday has turned into jammie day or wear whatever you want day, at our house.

This evening when the rain let up, we took a late walk before dinner, hoping to spot bats or owls, Jakob made binoculars (or "noculars" as Sarah calls them) for both of them, they each put on their head lamps and were off, with a pit stop at Amber and Josh's house to play with the kitties.

Here they are ready for an adventure.
Jakob is wearing his cozy sweats and sweater, with camo shoes "so that the bats won't see me". (Never mind his bright white socks!!)
Sarah is sporting her ballet jammies with her princess dress and to top it off, her sparkle shoes - on the wrong feet - oh and we don't go anywhere without the baby!
You can see their head lamps all lit up (it's about 4:30pm, but the needed them lit up).
Sarah found a friendly traveler, a lady bug.