Saturday, September 29, 2007

School Nurse to the Rescue!

So, on Friday I was at one of the 8 schools I oversee and it just so happened to be my favorite little country school with only 208 students (it really is in the country). I love this school because they announce to teachers when the nurse is coming (every other Friday) and they have them send kids into the office to have me check on things - nothing ever really big - although last year I found a kid with severe hearing loss - which turned out to be a tumor - he's better now - mostly it's "Can you talk to this kid about their hygiene..." or "Can you look at his eye/ear/throat" etc. I love it because I actually feel useful and I'm not just sitting at my desk manning the phone. Anyhow, I was going to leave and a 5th grade girl came in with a bee sting and apparently she is highly allergic - well long story short - I tried to calm her down (as she was quite dramatic as many 5th grade girls are and I didn't have any histroy of her having had an allergy to bee stings from the parent) but she started to show signs of anaphylaxis and I ended up giving her the epipen injection - scared the crap out of me to have to actually give it, (for those who may not know what an epipen is, it's a shot of epinephrine that looks like a big pen, that has a long needle in it and you have to basically punch it into your leg - thru pants even). Part of my job is to teach my staff how to give the injection, but it's pretty rare to actually give it! The paramedics came + about 6 super hot firemen -this was the best part of the whole thing! Of course they didn't pay much attention to the 6 month pregnant School Nurse, even though I tried to get some attention!!
The paramedics commended me on my actions and told me "You saved her life", they transported her to a local hospital for further treatment.
Hurray for School Nurses, hopefully one day we'll have them in every school!!!


Fall is here and Jakob was very excited to wear his new T-Rex rain boots to preschool yesterday.

He's so excited about T-Rex that he pronounces it "t-REX!"

Watch out ladies... a man in uniform.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

U Tube Parenting Song

I got this link forwarded to me by my friend Julie, Ian's Mom - whom is also pregnant with her 2nd - we both - as well as many of you parents will enjoy this.
I am not sure how to load the actual utube movie as I am retarded at this blogging thing, so hopefully you can copy and paste the link or click on it? We'll see!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Belly Picture

This is the most recent picture we have of my belly - it was taken on 9/12/07 - believe it or not I am bigger already!

Jakob's First Dental Visit

Jakob had his first visit to the Dentist today. Mark took him and he did very well. Everyone in the office was suprised at how calm he was. He got his teeth cleaned and flossed, and even wore the gigantic sunglasses to protect his eyes from the bright light above him. They gave him 2 toys (trains - there couldn't have been a better toy) because he was so good! I'm so proud! Of course we did a lot of talking about going to the Dentist and even got a book from the library awhile back, must have helped.
Apparently Jakob's teeth are super close together, so we were warned to start saving for orthodontia! Lovely.
These are the pics that Mark took, since I couldn't be there.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pregnancy Update

I saw the midwife yesterday and everything seems to be looking good with this little lady.
I am 24 1/2 weeks pregnant and starting to feel it! My belly is getting tight already, my boobs are too big and sore and my lower back has started to spasm. I had back problems with Jakob, but this time the back ache didn't start until later in the pregnancy. I am getting regular massages - 1/2 hr - can't really handle the full hour as it is a deep tissue massage on the lower back. Between that, stretching and ice it seems to give me some repreve. This little lady is super active, I think almost more so than Jakob, I can't imagine a baby being more active than Jakob, but that seems to be the case!
I think I'm done being pregnant, I had about 1 month of good times w/cute belly, not too fat and no real pain - well that's out the window and all I have left to look forward to is getting bigger, tighter and more uncomfortable! Gotta Love being a woman!

More Jakob Funnies

Just thought I'd share a few things Jakob said today:
"My friend Jake can come to my house and I will read my Monster Under the Shed Book to him and he will really like it."
"Ian is not my buddy, he is my friend and he has a tongue."
"Tomorrow I want ice cream in my lunch bag."
"Jake didn't wear his helmet today (on the tricycles at school), so he broke the rules." Jakob is just starting to understand the use of rules.
"Today I did ballet with Jake and Mason and Molly...I wore a skirt and slippers." I was informed today that he participated in ballet finally - and took part in wearing the tootoo or skirt/wrap that the girls wear, as well as the ballet slippers. Too cute!

Yesterday morning Jakob woke up at 5:45, each day he's been waking up earlier and earlier for no reason - it's killing us - anyhow he turned on the living room light, the TV, came into the bedroom and said, "I am awake and I need to watch Dora...I need a waffle...and then I will poop and go back to bed." Hmmm Mr. Independent or Mr. Demanding - not sure. He did fall back to sleep on his way to school. Made for a really cranky evening.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cheeseball Boys

We went to the park this weekend with Jakob's best buddy in crime, Ian. Thought you would enjoy a super cheeseball picture of the 2 of them. It is next to impossible to get a picture of the two of them looking at the camera and standing still - as you can see! They are both yelling "Cheese"! Too cute.

Jess's 31st Birthday

So, I would like to say " Thank You" to those of you who went out of your way w/emails, cards, calls etc. for my Birthday! I especially loved my message from my nephew Sam on the answering machine - he wished me a Happy Birthday but wouldn't sing b/c he didn't want to sing to the machine b/c it wasn't the machine's birthday! (For those of you who know Sam - he just started Kindergarten - I feel so old!)

My Birthday started out early w/a call from my Mom at 6:45 - luckily Mark was out of town - so it didn't wake anyone up as I was getting dressed and attempting to get Jakob ready for school, since I had to drop him off (this is Mark's daily duty so I can get to work by 7:30). When I got to work my coworkers had decorated my cubicle with Birthday decorations and showered me with cute little gifts and some yummy cinnamon rolls!! Gotta love my coworkers - the job kinda sucks right now but the Nurses are fantastic!

Mark flew home from his business trip in Coos Bay at 4:30, I got a nice massage at the chiropractors office, picked up Jakob and rushed home because Auntie Amber (who is always coming thru for us) came and watched Jakob last night so that Mark and I could go out to dinner and a movie. I am not going to name the chain restaurant that Mark and I went too, as being a Portlander now, we are spoiled w/amazing local restaurants and it would be embarrasing to say that we ate there, but I was craving the potato soup from this place - so Mark kindly took me there! While we were there I realized it had been 10 years ago that we went to dinner there w/Wendy, Carla and Josh when I turned 21! Crazy - and again feeling old! I also realized why we hadn't been back there in a few years - we were surrounded by obese children and everything seemed to taste a bit salty - oh well!

Side note/story - as you may all know Portland can be a bit wierd - or the people here can be a bit off - well on our way to dinner we saw some street kids walking down the street - one without a shirt on. As we got closer I realized it was a girl - Mark thought it was a "dude" but NO, it was a girl with small, dirty boobs! It was almost 90 degrees yesterday, so I can see the no shirt thing, maybe in the house or at the beach, but walking down the street - Come On! Happy Birthday to Me (and Mark in a wierd/gross way)! I called Amber to tell her about this story and she was dying laughing but made sure to reassure me that the night was young and you never know what else we could see - maybe a naked man this time!
Well, while on our way to the movie from the restaurant - we saw a super old guy riding an old schwinn bike w/ape swinger handle bars - not wearing a shirt - MAN BOOBS! Happy Birthday to me again! Amber was almost right w/her prediction for the night! TOO FUNNY!

So, we went to see SuperBad - OMG - if you are up for a raunchy, but very hysterical movie you have to see this one! I about died laughing. It was wonderful to be laughing out loud at a movie. Well the wierdness of the evening continued, poor Mark had to sit next to a little girl - maybe 8 or 9 years old who came to thte movie w/her super obese parents (each sitting in 2 seats). Not only was it a school night and the movie didn't start until 8:45pm, but this girl is about 10 years to young to be watching the movie - it was terrible. Also, the Mom decided to answer a cell phone call during the movie - what the hell? Luckily I wasn't sitting next to her b/c you know I would have said something totally passive aggressive and inappropriate.

Overall I had an enjoyable 31st Birthday - eventful and sad b/c I am feeling old with everything that is happening in our lives - kids going to school, I'm having a 2nd kid, we watched a movie about teenagers - I'm hormonal what can I say!!!
Thanks again for everyone's emails, gifts, cards etc etc etc - I'm feeling the love!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jakob and His Baby

Last night Jakob slept really tightly with his baby doll. He does say he is going to share his crib with his baby sister, but I don't think to this extent! I just think he is confused on the idea that he will be getting a big boy bed before the baby comes and that she will be in the crib eventually!

Picture captions

Obviously I'm a bit slow and understanding how to get the captions with the right pictures, sorry!
I'm sure you'll figure out which caption goes with which of our hiking pictures!

Hiking to Multnomah Falls

On Saturday we went hiking up to the top of Multnomah Falls - about 1.5 miles I think. But, it is pretty much straight up - switch backs, but straight up and down. Not sure what I was thinking - I was huffing and puffing! Even our little hiker man was tired out - that's never happened to him before. Poor Mark had to carry Jakob up part of the way - but I figue I'm carrying almost an extra 15 pounds in excess weight and a teeny tiny baby, plus the backpack full of food! I didn't really like being at the top of the falls, it was really high and freaked both Jakob and I out. We found a nice trail through the woods and next to the river to stop and eat and take some pictures at. There was a nice looking bridge we could have taken a nice family pic on, but there was what appeared to be a very amatuer model taking "serious" modeling pictures on it and down below it - crazy! They actually hiked up w/a suitcase full of clothes, make up etc. It was a bit wierd. Anyhow we did have a nice Labor Day weekend, sunny, warm and relaxing.

The bottom of the falls.

We hiked all the way to the top!

Jakob, Mommy and the baby