Monday, June 15, 2009

Boys Weekend

Grandpa Carroll Watson came to visit us this weekend. Jakob had a blast with him, as did Sarah - she was a total flirt and wanted him to carry her everywhere.The boys went to the Museum of Aviation, Jakob LOVED it. He got to sit in a B-17 Bomber, and see all kinds of planes. We also took a trip to the skate park, Jakob showed Grandpa his tricks, took a trip to the zoo and a lot of walks! I'm sure we wore Grandpa out, but it was some fun! Thanks for the visit Grandpa Carroll!!

Inside the B -17 Bomber - Jakob came home with a lot of questions about bombs "Why do planes drop them, what do they do to people, where do they drop them, do we drop them on mean animals?" He is so curious and so sensitive about anything that might hurt someone, but wants to know all the details. Poor Grandpa got an ear ful of questions this weekend!

Sarah playing peek a boo with Grandpa!


Written on today's preschool/daycare sheet:
"Today Sarah was chasing her shadow and getting mad at it because she thought it was stealing her toy, very funny!!"
"Sarah pee'd on the potty, and when she heard the tinkle sound she said Pee Pee!"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sugar and Spice?

Well, Miss Sarah, in all her glory, pooped in the bath tub tonight! Oh yeah, this is my first experience with this as a parent (I won't go into detail on my experience with my brother as a child). Jakob was getting out of the tub, I turned to help him out, turn back around and there is Sarah bending over, saying "Potty" and a huge unmentionable is coming out of her rear end!!! AAAH!! Thank God Jakob was out of the tub, he was laughing as hard as I was though! I called for Mark's help, he ran up, got grossed out, didn't hurry as fast I would have hoped to get the paper cup I asked for to scoop out the poop - meanwhile Sarah is frantically stepping around in the water, poop floating into toys, around her legs (narrowly being missed by her feet). 
So, it was a hysterical moment, one I soon won't forget, the image is burned in my brain!
And needless to say, the tub is quite clean and sanitized now!! It needed a good cleaning anyways!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Kids

Our kids doing fun kid stuff...

80 degrees outside, but raining, gotta dig in the dirt!

Naked toddler watching brother dig!
I found this stuffed dog today at the resale shop - an awesome deal - Sarah wouldn't leave without it, she tried to carry it out the door but didn't make it b/c it is so big.  So, I thought I better buy it before we got charged with shoplifting! 
Jakob named it "Spotty Dog", and informed me that "Roxy wouldn't be happy if she saw the dog in our house or on her you think she can see us right now from heaven?" Me:"I bet she can." Jakob:"Oh... well Roxy, this dog isn't real." Cute! 
Jakob's serious, thinking face while talking about Roxy.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday Morning Hike

Saturday, we took a nice hike/walk at Tryon Creek, it was gorgeous and cool under all the trees (it's been about 80 degrees here). Sarah decided she wasn't going to ride in the backpack, she walked almost the whole way, held hands or ran with her brother. She's going to be a great hiker, just like Jakob.

An attempt at a family photo
Sarah having fun looking up at the tall trees (tees as she calls them).
Love on the trail.
C'mon, hurry up!
Last part of the trail, Daddy carrying the load!

A quick rest before we left. I love this picture - Sarah has had it, her ponytail is pulled out and her hair is so crazy - you know it's naptime when that happens!