Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jakob and the Belly

I think I am about 34 weeks along now, here is the latest on my belly! Jakob likes to poke my belly button, he thinks he is poking the baby's "foot". I feel like I can't possibly get any bigger, but I'm sure I will, this little girl is quite active in there and is starting to cause a bit of reflux at night - wonderful! She is positioned head down and her bottom and feet rest on my right side/rib area, just like Jakob was.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving in Sun River

We just got back from our trip to Sun River for Thanksgiving. We went with Ian and baby Dillon (and parents Julie and Peter), the boys were pretty wild!
We had Thanksgiving dinner in the lodge and it was wonderful, the boys did so great in the nice restaurant and actually ate a lot of their dinner. Of course the adults loved not cooking and consuming really great food and wine. Saturday, Julie and I went for massages and then we took the boys to what we thought was going to be sleigh rides, but they sold out of tickets - it was seriously a madhouse, we waited outside in the freezing cold forever, so we ended up going back to our room until the fireworks started and the Dad's took the boys outside for that - Jakob missed Santa's grand entrance to the resort - but he doesn't know that! Sunday morning, Julie and I took the boys to breakfast with Santa, they were very excited to see Santa, until they actually saw him and all of a sudden they were attached to their Mommies! We attempted to get them on Santa's lap right at the start of breakfast because they were so excited and there wasn't a line, well that didn't work. Jakob stood about 4 feet away and said "I want trains" and then "Merry Christmas" and took off. Santa knew that the mommies really wanted pictures of the boys with him, so he snuck up behind them as they were eating - but as you can see in the picture, they weren't impressed - they didn't even know he was there, but also didn't smile for the camera. I showed them the picture of Santa behind them, and they couldn't believe he was in the picture with them, so with a lot of convincing that Santa was a really nice guy, Jakob got up to sit next to him but on my lap - well still no smile - he was pretty scared. Santa was great though, was asking Jakob what kind of trains he wants and if he wanted a baby sister - Jakob replied, "I have Gordon...I want an electric train and a baby sister." Too cute!
It was a quick trip with not a lot of sleep and a lot of parenting happening of the 3 year olds - Dillon on the other hand, is a super champ baby - he was awesome!
Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Shower and Visit from Nana

I was thrown the lovliest baby shower this weekend, by my friend Amber. We had tea, yummy food and delicious desserts at Papa Hayden - a restaurant in our little neighborhood. I was showered by my closest friends (that are in town), with beautiful, girly gifts! My Mom flew up for the weekend and has been spending a lot of quality time with Jakob, of course Jakob loves that!!!
Wendy and Carla stayed with me over the weekend, we had a slumber party, complete with Sixteen Candles and pizza, sadly we are all Moms - well Amber was there for the movie and girl talk too, she's not a Mom, but we are all older now and were in bed by midnight and woken up bright and early by Jakob!

We took our official hospital tour today, brought Jakob and he did so good, very patient during the informational session (40 minutes) and then enjoyed seeing the babies in the nursery. Jakob was a bit worried about the babies that were crying "Why are they crying? They want their Mommy and Daddy." Too cute.