Sunday, January 8, 2012

Catching up

Christmas flew by, it was such a great one! The kids both really BELIEVE this year, without question. This year Santa left foot prints and cookie crumbs in our house too!
We were lucky enough to have Nana and Papa come and stay with us and witness the excitement, joy and chaos that is Christmas morning!
It all started at 5:51 am (this is the before picture)
Almost after - about 6:08 a.m. - just the Santa gifts opened
Jakob was on the good list this year and got the skateboard he asked for!
Somehow this one made it on the good list too! She got her (free wheeled scoota) 3 wheeled scooter that she asked for.
Putting the presents to good use - 9 am
Sunset on Christmas day!
The ladies!
Nana and Papa got us Twister, super fun, just not as big as I remember it! Nana and Jakob just starting their Twister challenge!
Santa brought us the Michael Jackson Wii game, also a great game for the family - Mark was roped into playing it, didn't want to be beaten by his daughter!! Good times!
All in all a wonderful holiday!!