Monday, January 14, 2013

Catching up....

 Catching up on the last 4 month in pictures.... (long story short, a lot of growing and love going on here in Watson house, Lily is the happiest baby and a complete joy to have, she has made us all better people, so grateful for her coming into this world. Thus, we have one sad Mama who returned to work 1 week ago, but with the New Year has decided to really enjoy each moment I have with my kiddos and I think I'm already a happier person!)
Lily 20 days old, little peanut at 6 lbs or so.
Brother and Sister entertaining Lily at 2 months

Best big sister!
Loving these kiddos!

Met Great Grandma for the first time!

First Halloween, a little ghost!
Big Boy turned 8!

Christmas 2012!
Sweet 3 month old feet at the beach!
First real beach day, slept with Daddy in the beach tent.

4 month old sweet face, almost 12 lbs and a ton of fun!
Almost 4 months, laughing and cooing!!