Sunday, June 27, 2010

Visit with Nana

Nana came up last week for a 10 day visit, which was kicked off by a visit to the urgent care with Sarah, for a severe kidney/bladder infection - thank God she was here, not her ideal vacation but really ideal for me to have her be able to help with the family/house as this was all happening, it really was perfect timing!! Thank God for Moms!
We've been doing a lot since then, berry picking, trips to the park, hiking at Tryon Creek State Park with a worm class added in for Jakob, concert in the park, swimming lessons, fondue dinner and the Lion King on stage (with Jakob - super fun!!), trip to the zoo, the 4T trail (trail, tram, trolley and train) and a trip to the beach - and we still have her here for a few more days! Mark and I got out last night for some dinner and drinks - in the sunshine! Tomorrow, is happy hour night for Mom and I as well! Can't wait!

Berry picking at Kruger Farms, on Sauvie Island
Fondue at the Melting Pot!

We all really enjoyed this! Jakob had no idea what he was in for here!!

Cannon Beach, first beach trip of the year!
Jakob showing Sarah the sand crabs he dug up.
Sarah doing what she does best, rolling in the sand and getting it everywhere!!
Nana and Sarah sharing some quiet time.

Jakob in the hole that Daddy dug, all the way down to the water!
Nana and her babies!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time Flies

Well, Mark and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary (June 7th), which was really our 18 year anniversary of being together - amazing! Anyhow we took our first trip without children (for more than 1 night, Grandma Kathy was kind enough to fly up here to watch our little rascals), to California to see Auntie Amber marry her beloved, Josh! We drove 16 hours there and back and it was fantastic, no whining, no crying, music blaring, us singing, laughing, dreaming, eating In n Out and talking - I felt like we were dating again, things were new and fun again! And then we got to enjoy a beautiful wedding (all be it super hot and the bugs were a bitin', but so beautiful), and reconnect and remember how amazing our relationship can be and is when we aren't super stressed, over worked and tired. So, thank you Amber and Josh for getting married and helping us to remember why we got married!!
Our camera batteries died at the wedding so we don't have many pics but I will post what I have....
The cute couple, dressed up for the wedding - and no food residue on our clothes, from little, sticky fingers pawing at us as we left!
We arrived at the wedding a bit early, it goes without saying that a bride is stressed out before the big event, Amber was shall we say a bit frazzled but most importantly looked amazing, said the sweetest things in her vows as did Josh, and enjoyed the rest of the evening! Did I mention that I haven't cried that much at a wedding before, honestly they really are meant to be together and I would have never made it thru the ceremony had I had to read my own vows!!
Oh and I didn't mention how great it was to sit back and watch a wedding, not have to really do anything but just enjoy and partake in the festivities, amazing!!!

Here is the dress that I was so honored in being a part of Amber choosing/designing, it is so gorgeous! I should mention that Josh wore a kilt that had complimentary blues/greens in it, he looked fantastic as well, just don't have photos of him!

Here is the bride having some liquid relaxation before the ceremony! (Sorry Ambie, I know you don't like this photo, but it is so great!)
Besides socializing with a ton of people in Ventura, celebrating my Grandma's 81'st bday, staying up late, going to a wedding (all in a few days time), we also enjoyed a bit of the sights in S.F. (thanks to my Aunt Stina who let us crash at her place on our way up north).

Happy 81st G.G. Willy! I hope I have her genes, isn't she gorgeous!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rain rain go away...

It is supposed to be the start of summer and the rain just hasn't quit here, really we've had a record month!
Here are the kids playing last week after dinner, we had a crazy downpour, so I took them out for some puddle stomping!

Just as quick as the storm came, it left us this...