Monday, July 30, 2007

Update on the family

We thought we should start a blog so that everyone in the WORLD can keep up on what the Watson family is doing! I (Jess) will do most of the entries - well that's what I think will end up happening.

As you know I am 17 weeks pregnant with #2, and have been convinced by the dark side (Mark and Jakob and some other nameless family members) that we should find out the sex of #2. So, we have an ultrasound scheduled August 9th, bright and early at 8:30 am, we will be sure to keep you posted!
We are seeing a group of midwives at Emanuel Hospital here in Portland, they seem to be pretty positive about the posibility of me having a VBAC, which I'm very excited and nervous about! At our last appointment Jakob came with me and heard the heart beat - he said "I hear the baby kicking," soooo cute. He talks a lot about the baby and thinks it will be a girl. We went to the library today and checked out a book about a family having a new baby and he asked "When does the baby go back to the hospital?", not sure if that's a real good sign right now!!
Over this last weekend we visited our friends Wendy, Joe and Abby in Sequim, WA. We had a great time, Jakob got to see a lot of cows, feed and ride a horse for the first time and played a lot with Abby (4 years). Unfortunately we also had our first ER trip not related to asthma. Jakob got bonked on his eyebrow while playing with a wooden swing, he luckily didn't need stitches, just some glue. He will have a nice looking scar on his eyebrow I'm sure. I was pretty upset as I was the parent in charge of him and didn't get him out of the way of the swing in time, and for a second thought that he may have lost his eyeball with how much blood there was! But, life goes on and Jakob is fine, just a bit upset that he can't finish his swimming lessons.