Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday Night at the Watsons!

I know all you people who don't have kids are soooooooooo jealous of our super hip, and exciting Friday nights we have here at the Watson house!
Friday was make our own pizza night, this is the second time we've done this with Jakob, and he loves it! He put pepperoni, Canadian bacon, pineapple and lots of cheese on this pizza. We closed the night down with a bit of dancing, a hair cut for Jakob (given by Daddy who had  2 glasses of wine prior - so it's not the best haircut, but it works!), and baths.

Jakob making the pizza.

Sarah keeping busy with the pots and pans.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Sweet

Me :"Jakob what is your favorite thing about you?"
J: "About myself?"
Me: "Yes"
J: "My heart."
Me: "Why your heart?"
J: "Because it is always good."
Me: "What is your favorite thing about Sarah?"
J: "She is always so funny."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pics for the Nana

Hi Mom and Happy Tuesday morning!
Here are pics from this weekend.

Jakob in his 1st soccer class
Sarah and Jakob messing around - umm I think I caught Jakob doing something he shouldn't be! (You can see Sarah's ponytail)

Sarah giving Jakob "loves", a bit blurry but she seriously hugs her brother, it's so darn cute!

Playing the keyboard and rocking out!

Mark and I at his work dinner this weekend. We look like servers in our white tops!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just a little something cute.

Jakob has been invited to a Birthday party for one of his classmates (a girl) and the party is fairytale themed. Jakob said "All the girls will be in their pretty princess dresses, and I don't have anything to wear." I explained that it's not a costume party, and that maybe they would have a crown or something for boys to wear and he said "Well, I think I'll just wear my Buzz Lightyear costume, that guy saves people too." (As in, the Princes always save the Princesses) - so cute!
Oh and here are a couple pics for the parents -
Sarah looking super cute in the outfit Auntie Wendy got her, before she was even born! (pants are a bit long still, but soooo cute!)

Sarah, lovin'/playing Pat A Cake on Jakob.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

If you can believe it...

She's 1!
We spent what seems like an eternity waiting for her to arrive (10 days past my due date and 28 hours of labor, to be exact) and now she is already 1 and walking, and kind of talking! It breaks my heart how fast time goes by!
Here is a recap of her first days! These are my favorite pics.
I think I'm about 36 weeks pregnant here - minus the 10 days that I was overdue!

Proud parents and an even prouder Mama after a successful V-bac!

Cutie Pie!

Jakob's first kiss for his sister.

On your first birthday...
We celebrated with the Schroeder family (Wendy, Joe and Abby), who took the train down from Sequim, WA. We took the kids to the OMSI museum in the am, attempted naps but Sarah decided not to take a real nap - of course! Later in the afternoon, we had a small party, complete with cake and chocolate icing! Sarah was tired and a bit zoned out when the cake was in front of her, but oh no that didn't stop her from eating it!

Before preschool/daycare on Friday, all dressed up - where they had a little party for her.

At the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), with Jakob and Abby - this is really the only picture I have of the 3 of them!
Playing with her new crush - Mr. Joe Schroeder!!
Trying to catch the ball that is blowing up in the air.
Sitting pretty with Auntie Wendy (here she is wearing her 1 year tiara, that was really too tight on her head).
Not quite sure about all the singing and why the big chocolate circle thing is coming toward her! (Wearing a super cute Birthday hat, that the Brink family brought over!)

Well, all right I guess I'll try it, if I have too!

Scarfing the cake, while basically laying in her high chair! 
Loving life!!

The whole crazy family!

Sarah, you are the most amazing little person, you literally came out of me with your arm pushing forward (you will pay for that later - ha!), as if you were flying like Superwoman or saying "Power to all women", or "I'm coming, watch out", or "Listen, I'll do it when I want to", or "Get me out of here, I've got things to do and people to see" or "Finally world, I'm here"! Whatever it was that you were thinking while pushing your way out of me, you are the strongest, most determined little person and have been since day 1! I LOVE that about you and always will, and will have to constantly remind myself of that when you are a teenager! There are many other things we love about you too - you are so goofy (Jakob is always asking, "How long do you think Sarah will be goofy for? Her whole life?" and I say, "Yep, her whole life!"). You are so happy and always smiling and giggling, you LOVE your brother, love other kids, LOVE to dance and sing (which obviously, you get those talents from me!), already have a sassy attitude (which of course you get that from me too - or so your Dad says), you have the best appetite ( too? except for your love of meat - that's from your Dad), and already seem to absolutely love all there is to life!
Sarah, my Birthday wish for you is that you stay as brave and as determined as you are right now, you are going to be one strong and powerful woman - look out world!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marriage thru the eyes of a 4 year old.

Last night marriage came up in conversation with Jakob and I...
Me: "Jakob, why do people get married?"
Jakob: "To be happy"
Me: "How long do you stay married?"
Jakob: "Until you die, then you recycle them" (Mark isn't sure that Jakob said this, Mark thinks he (Mark) said this - but I think Mark WISHES he had said that."
Me: (trying hard not to laugh) "What do you do when you get married?"
Jakob: "Girls wear a pretty dress, and the Daddy wears a shirt" (I am imagining a man in only a shirt at the alter!)
Me: "Yes, they wear a suit. And you give each other rings."
Jakob: "Where is Daddy's ring?" (Apparently he never noticed Mark's ring - uh huh... I see)
Me: (After pointing the ring out to Jakob) "Then you kiss!"
Jakob: (With an uncomfortable, but silly grin) "Ohhh"

Monday, January 12, 2009

For Auntie Bex

Well, I spoke to soon, Sarah can fit into the outfits that Auntie Bex gave her, here are a few pictures of her in her new polka dot pants and pink top (the weather still requires long sleeves, so she's in layers) - the striped pants are soon to follow!

First, a cute picture of Sarah loving on a stuffed kitty.
Strutting her stuff.
Blowing kisses!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pics for the Grandparents!

Happy Monday Mom, hope you enjoy these pictures (all are from this weekend)!

Jakob making a "goofball" face
Family drum time.
Sarah, on Friday after preschool, looking so stylish (minus the food/drink on her shirt).
I'm so upset, I need my snuggie!
Oh, there's my snuggie, all better!
Sarah discovered our little grocery bag closet, this morning!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Tricks

Sarah's newest trick - Peek a boo (Not the greatest video, but at least her hands are over her eyes, last week they would go over her ears!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A quick post/catch up!

We've been busy here, we had Auntie Bex visiting for a week, and had a lot of grown up drinks, laughs, nights out with Auntie Amby, Bex and Uncle Joosh, and late night board games - Happy New Year, by the way!

Sarah and Auntie Bex - so cute! Rebecca got her the cutest outfits, my favorite are the pants with horizontal stripes - oh yeah, a bit big yet, but I will post a pic of her in them for you Bex!

Until then, here are a couple, very stylish pics of Sarah in, what I like to call her yoga/Mom pants - comfy, stylish and they come up high over the belly!! She doesn't really wear them like this, but I pulled them up after I changed her diaper and couldn't resist a picture!

Oh, and here is what are almost 1 year old is up to  - TROUBLE!!