Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We celebrated "Valentimes Day" (per Sarah), w/a family dinner at Joe's Crab Shack - the kids LOVED it, the music, entertainment and the kids food (shrimp for Sarah of course), drinks for parents, made for a nice dinner out. I think that might be a first for us. Sarah was completely occupied with her shrimp and the music - she stood most of the dinner and danced!

Jakob made us some super cute Valentine's cards, didn't take a picture of them yet. He also had a Valentine's Day party at school, got lots of super cute cards and ate "SIX pieces of candy!!"

Today we did errands and got the kids the fish I promised for Valentine's day - since apparently I killed the other one. This one is not looking that hot now, we'll see how long he lasts.
Went to watch the sunset tonight, it was gorgeous as usual! Mark is off to Seattle tonight, will miss my true Valentine, but had a great family weekend to make up for that.
In 10 or so years we'll have time for a lot of romantic evenings out, and I know I'll miss these sweet little family weekends, so grateful for what we have right now.