Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jakob Funnies

On Friday, Mark took Jakob to the Pediatrician b/c he was peeing a lot during the day, so I wanted him to be checked - the highlight of the visit "I pee'd in the cup Mommy, Daddy held it and I pee'd in it!" Turns out everything was fine.

Today in the car
J :"What does Men mean?"
Me: "Men, means 2 or more boys who are grown up."
J: "Oh, like I will be a man and Daddy is a man?"
Me: "Yep, together you are men."
J:"Yeah and we will do what men do."
Me: "Oh really, like what?"
J: "Like the man stuff. Work on the computer (Daddy and I can share the computer), wash dishes, cook, and tough stuff." (I am thinking, that's darn right!)
Me: "Tough stuff, like protecting women? Or maybe work on cars, fight fires?"
J:" Yeah, but why do we have to protect girls?"
Me, quickly thinking and not wanting him to think women are weaker by any means "Well, sometimes girls get scared at things and like to have someone to protect them."
J:"Oh, yeah, like Sarah if she sees something scary, right?"
Me: "Yep, but remember that women can do what men do right, we are equal"
J: "Yep, that means we are the same, equal."

Tonight in bed
Me: "What are you going to dream about tonight?"
J (usually comes up with something fun to dream about): "I don't know, the videotape hasn't been made yet?"
Me: "What videotape?"
J: "The videotape in my head, that has my dreams on it. Sometimes I have bad videos, like the dragon eating the person video. Or, sometimes they are good like the George (Curious George) and funny."
Me: "Oh, well let's press the erase button in your brain on all the bad videos."
J: "I don't know where my erase button is."
Me: "Oh, it's in your brain, press on your forehead and say "erase" and then it's gone."
J: "Oh, okay. I think I should dream about George and have that videotape in my head tonight. Now can we say our prayers?"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally, hiking again

It seems like it's been so long since we last went hiking, maybe in Sept/Oct, then the Winter hit. So, we braved the cold today, it was dry, but probably 40 degrees out, a bit of sun. We went to Mt. Tabor, did a little bit of a hike and let the kids play at the park there. At the top of Mt. Tabor there is a great view of downtown, but it was so cold up there! It felt heavenly to get into a warm house, have some soup for lunch, followed by a nap - all in all an pretty OK Sunday!

An attempt at a family photo at the top of Mt. Tabor
Jakob, quite excited to be hiking!
At the park

Sarah, has to do everything that brother does!
View of downtown Portland

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Sarah has discovered her belly button and is fascinated with everyone elses!
Really, she is obsessed with bare skin, she will lift up shirts to touch your back or your tummy - weird, but so cute!

Serious tummy time - Sarah did just finish a very large dinner and has taken a liking to beer - kidding!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Jakob Funny!

As we were driving to the Pediatrician today (the whole family went today), we drove thru an area that smelled like asphalt.
Me: "Ew, it stinks, it smells like asphalt."
Jakob: "What are as@ balls?" (yes that's an expletive - Jakob didn't know this obviously!)
Oh Man, it took all my will power not to laugh and I totally failed, luckily Mark chimed in before he lost it and said "Asphalt, Jakob asphalt."
Jakob:"As# balls?"
Me: "No asphalt...(and I quickly went into an explanation of what asphalt is to distract him from this phrase as much as possible)." Of course, I am crying and laughing at this point and Mark is desperately trying to hold it together.
All I could think about is Jakob walking into Dr. Joel's office and asking "What are as@ balls?"
Luckily he forgot about it before we got there!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Well, Sarah's first Valentine's Day was rung in with double ear infections and bronchiolitis! Mark took Sarah in to Dr. Joel on Thursday (I worked part of the day, to get some things actually done). She was fine the day before and over night got worse and what do you know she has dual ear infections and bronchiolitis - poor baby.  On Friday, she was running a fever, so I stayed home with her. Well, Jakob started coughing on Friday, which we are always on high alert for as he has asthma (but has been under great control this past year), on Saturday he woke up coughing and had a bit of nasal drainage. Saturday evening started coughing more and more and by 4:00 am on Sunday am he was up coughing every 30 seconds or so - dry cough, which the Albuterol didn't help, so it was mostly honey for the throat, water, hot packs on the chest - Jakob likes that and back rubs. I should mention Sarah was up from 2:15-3:45 am on Sunday also! Oh, and Mark and I decided to foolishly stay up to watch SNL, so we weren't in bed until about 1 am!! And, somehow, Mark slept thru all of this! 
Ok, getting back to Valentine's Day, Sarah was home, Jakob went to preschool where they had a little party. He came home so excited to see his candy and cards - in that order! I should mention that Jakob says "Valentine's Day is about hearts, because hearts mean love, and about candy."On Saturday, we spent a romantic evening with the Brink family and their kids (both of them also have ear infections), ordered Thai food and wrangled kids - nice!

Here are the Valentine's we came up with at the last minute, since I hadn't been able to shop being home w/Sarah - red tissue paper, wrapped around Hershey's kisses - with little heart tags, decorated by Jakob. I forgot how messy glue and glitter gets - it's awful!

Here is a picture of Sarah, wearing her little Valentine's dress that Julie H. gave her, it fits more like a top - it is a small 18 months size! Super cute!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

At home...

I have been sick for about a week now, I finally took a day off yesterday from work, kids were at daycare and I got a bit better - imagine that! Well, I was home today with Sarah, she has a cough and was up screaming last night. So, I took her to see Dr. Joel this morning and she checked out fine, ears good (although he took out a ton of ear wax - I actually got a bit grossed out by it, normally I like that sort of thing - I am digressing here). 
Most parents know that nights are totally different than days when it comes to illness. So, of course tonight, she is coughing up a storm! Already been on the phone with Dr. Joel this evening, we are hoping this isn't bronchiolitis, but it just might be. So, she is sleeping sitting semi upright in her infant car seat - totally ghetto but it works - poor girl! She really is miserable when it comes to sleep. During the day, when she's awake she is just her normal goofy self! I'm so praying for a semi decent nights sleep! We sat in the steamy bathroom 3 times today, each time she got so angry, because she thought she would be getting in the tub - but it was too hot for her, so we kept busy playing with her favorite toy EVER - toilet paper and breathing in that steamy air!

Here is a picture I took of Sarah today, she is very into putting things into the garbage, so we have her put her diaper in. And, anyone who has changed a 1 year old's diaper, knows they don't sit still, so I let her walk around after I clean her up, she thinks it is so great and loves to have that little job to do!

Caution, super cute naked baby picture!

So, this goes in there right?!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun with Gramma Kathy

Mark's Mom, Kathy, flew in on Wednesday to spend some time with the us. She has been quite busy with these kiddos. She watched Sarah for us on Thursday and both kids on Friday, and of course has been sleeping in Jakob's room, which he LOVES! She's been taking lots of walks and playing hard! I'm sure she will need a vacation from this vacation.

We took the aerial tram up to OHSU yesterday, since it was a nice clear day (cold for Gramma as she is used to the 80 degree weather). It was a great day to see both mountains (Hood and St. Helens) and to get a view of the city.
Jakob and Gramma looking out of the tram
The whole family

Mt. Hood

Gramma and her girl!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun with the Heidricks!

The Heidrick family (Jeremy, Julie, Blake 3 1/2 and Natalie 9 months)are in town, visiting from Ventura. I think they brought some California weather, it hasn't been this warm and sunny since maybe November? 
Jakob loves Natalie, of course, he loves babies, especially super cute ones!
Blake is a total boys boy, all about swords, guns, knives, Peter Pan, and pirates! Jakob was in for some schooling on pretend sword fighting (he doesn't get to do this as it's not allowed at preschool and we haven't really done it at home). Jakob and Blake are pretty different, but they got along really well, considering! 
Mark and Jeremy have been working, so the Moms and kids played a bit on Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully we'll all be able to get together at the end of the week!

Jakob and Natalie
All 4 on the Merry Go Round (Sarah and Natalie's first ever ride on the Merry Go Round)

Jakob and Blake carrying a "Captain Hook Sword", as you can see Blake was quite determined to carry this, Jakob was stalling b/c I asked to take a picture.
All of us (minus Natalie, who was napping), looking into the sun!! Julie was the only smart one, who brought her glasses! 

Monday, February 2, 2009

A walk outside

Since Sarah has been walking, it really hasn't been nice enough to walk outside, either rain or snow or just too cold. Today it's about 50 degrees and sunny. So, off for a little walk we went! I think spring is coming soon - some bulbs are starting to come up around the neighborhood - hurray! I didn't plant any, as every year I think we will be moving, but I will get some in a pot, soon! Our porch is looking awfully boring!
Here  she is free to run! (Pants are a bit long, but so adorable, thanks Mom. And, the super cute hoodie, thanks to Great Aunt Christina!)
Going up the porch steps, and taking a little bit of time to play with the moss.
Giving Roxy a kiss - well - really on the screen door.
Off and running again.