Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well all in all we had a nice weekend, lots of sunny weather - the last for awhile I think.
Took the kids to a new park (one we haven't been to), has a lake and a nice walking path. Jakob rode his bike, Sarah pushed her baby in the baby stroller. We fed the ducks, and did a lot of chasing Sarah away from the geese that were hissing at her - as she was trying to touch them!

Sarah had more than her fare share of tantrums, this is the stage we are in now - throwing herself down - she is just starting one in this picture - it looks way worse than this, and is quite loud - with a lot of kicking! Real nice in public!
I found this baby cradle at the resale shop, and I had to get it, Sarah is totally into babies right now. She spent at least 20 minutes with the cradle, putting all her babies inside of it, one by one, wrapping them in a blanket etc. Here she is going to take babies temperature which she calls a "beep beep" because that's what the thermometer does!
We gave Jakob his 5th Birthday gift a bit early, so he could enjoy it in the sunshine! A new bike! He is riding it at 8:30 am, in his pj shirt and jeans, no time to really change, he had to get on it! He knew he was getting a bike, so the surprise of the bike was pretty anti climactic for Mark and I, we were hoping for a bigger response, he was very subdued about the whole thing. Could have been the coming down from this sugar high, from the chocolate chip pancakes I made for breakfast!
We took the kids to the beach today, it was sunny but really windy and cold, but of course it was hot as soon as you got off the sand where the wind was. The kids had a blast.

Sarah, carrying her bucket to the water, which Jakob then went and filled up for her.

Jakob doing his best with me yelling at him to get Sarah out of the water. She seriously would be happy swimming in it! Her feet and hands were like ice, pants soaked but she kept wanting to go back to the "wata". Lots of distraction kept her up on the sand (a big hole that Daddy and Jakob dug worked well).
Mark wanted to drive us south of Cannon Beach to see more of the coast line, didn't really work with the kids, they were restless and super cranky (all Sarah), I was tired and Jakob was being a bit frustrating, so we drove home. Thanks Daddy for trying. Maybe when the kids are older or when we can do it without kids? Someday! Thanks for driving us home while we slept, you're the best!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Everything that brother does...

Everything that brother does, Sarah can do too - or so she thinks! She really likes to try to ride his skateboard now!

Oh yeah, that's my daughter, sitting in the street with a random cat and LOVING it!

She also likes to watch the Wiggles - not really what Jakob likes the best, but he enjoys the Wiggles for sure!
Here she is deep in concentration, trying to dance like the Wiggles do!
Nice moves!

Here is Sarah's newest trick - jumping! You can hear her yelling for "Brahda" or Brother.

I don't have any new pics of Jakob, bad Mom! But I can tell you what he wants to be when he grows up, "A scientist, because they figure things out...or a knight...Jake really wants me to be a knight, but I think I'll be a scientist."
Me, "You'd make a great scientist because you ask so many questions."
Jakob, "Yeah I do, and I help people when they are sad, I'm good at that too."
Not sure how that all relates but, that's what is going on in his 4 (almost 5 year) old mind!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Birthday Weekend

For those that don't follow me on Facebook (Mom), here are your pics and update! Mark and I celebrated my Birthday on Saturday, we went to the Portland Art Museum - which was fantastic - just to be out with people enjoying something other than just not having kids around, was so great. I actually felt my brain working in a new way, looking at the M.C. Escher exhibit really made my brain work hard, to the point where I kind of got a bit nauseated, but his work is a bit nauseating to try to focus on sometimes.
Anyhow, I should have started with my actual birthday, after work and dinner, we went to my favorite Gelato Shop in Sellwood - Stacato Gelato, just a couple blocks from where we used to live, we all thuroughly enjoyed the gelato (I had marionberry and pistachio - weird combo but very tasty). The next morning we spent with the kids at the Sellwood park - my favorite park, the kids have grown up there - well only the few years they've been alive, but have spent almost every weekend day there, until we moved - and I absolutely love that park and the feeling it gives me says "home" - the trees, flowers, play structures and the walk to the bakery is great! So, instead of walking to the bakery as we would normally do, we drove b/c of my foot. We enjoyed some cookies and pastries from Grand Central, with a great latte and then drove home for naps! Woke up just in time for Auntie Amby who came to watch the kiddos for us! We went to the museum and then to dinner at a great Tapas place on NW 21st - very cute. We had a corner table, very private with a window and A/C - fantastic - great people watching, great food, even better drinks - we both had 1 too many, which was hysterical for us - had to sit awhile before we walked to the car! Home by 9:30 - to bed by 10:30 - yep we are old! All in all a great night!! Thanks to Mark for the fantastic birthday weekend, (and to Amber always there for me and my kids - you're a fantastic woman!).

Here are a few pics for my Mom of the kids!

Cutie pie Sarah with her pigtails - I'm still working on a way to get them perfect, if she would sit still, I think it would actually work! Well if she would actually sit still a lot of things would work better with her - hmmm, we need to work on that!

Jakob pushing Sarah on the merry go round (me in the background with my Frankenstein boot on).

Serious Sarah

The kids looking at the flowers!
The "Firecracker" flower as it was called by Mark and Jakob!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A couple new things

Our sunflowers are going bonkers in our little front yard, had to document that I could actually grow something! Really it was Jakob that planted the seeds - but I didn't kill them!

Oh, and another new thing, Sarah's hair is long enough for a little ponytail!!

Jakob has started to roller skate again - really it's like scooting around on wheels I guess - but he loves it!