Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat Give Me Something Good To Eat!

Jakob learned this saying at school and apparently said it tonight while trick or treating, he also called the lady next door "Mr. Potato Head" - lovely!
Jakob was a T-Rex for Halloween. On Sunday we took him to the Monster March - a parade for kids that goes thru our neighborhood and tonight Mark took him out with Ian trick or treating. Julie (Ian's Mom) had her baby on 10/22 - Dillon - you'll see his pic with Ian - he's the mini pumpkin - can't really see his face though. He is a doll, anyhow, he went around with the kiddos for about a block then Mom and baby came back to rest with me, while I handed out candy. We actually had a nice night, no rain and not too cold!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

All Clear

I went to the midwife today, I'm 29 1/2 weeks along and doing well. This little lady is very active, the midwife experienced it first hand as she tried to put the doppler on my belly to listen to her heartbeat - the baby kicked or pushed it off everytime, it was hysterical. The midwife couldn't believe it.
I met with the Perinatologist today to have a vbac (vaginal birth after c-sec) consult - I have been cleared to go ahead with a vbac - assuming I don't have any complications further into the pregnancy. The doctor went thru all the stats of rupture, every possible complication that could happen and felt that I am at a very low risk for any of them actually occuring. He was also positive about the fact that my c-section was due to the cord being wrapped around Jakob's wrist and not due to me not dilating or being able to fit him thru my pelvis etc. So, I'm all clear! He did make an interesting comment about Jakob's cord, "Around the wrists huh, is that a sign of what's to come - like handcuffs?" too funny, I did tell him he is quite the terror sometimes! But what 3 year old isn't.

Oh - side note - tonight I went to the Thai restaurant around the corner from us to pick up some food, took Jakob with me, when he walked in, he announced - "Mommy it smells like poop in here!" Oh yeah, that was a comfortable moment. A couple customers at tables and in line started to laugh. I told Jakob to keep his voice down and that it smelled like Thai food not poop but he of course had to argue, "No Mommy that is poop, it really smells." So, at this point I bent down, got in his face and told him that he was saying a naughty word and that next time he needed to say it softly to me, if he really felt like he needed to say it. That seemed to work. I have vowed not to take him back there again! The food is great and it doesn't smell like poop - I promise!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jakob and babies

I am doing all my posting for the next couple weeks tonight it seems! I never have time during the week, so I'll get it all done tonight!

Today I asked Jakob where he thought babies came from, just to see what he would say - I know parents shouldn't bring this up but I really just wanted to find out what his brain is thinking, plus Ian's Mom, Julie is having her baby tomorrow and we're having a baby so I figure the questions will come soon - as Jakob is quite inquisitive when it comes to the body! Jakob's first response to my questions was, "Babies come out and drink from boobs," Ok, back to his obsession with the boobs and not really answering the question. So I said, "Mommies and Daddies make babies with love," and he replied "but how?" I looked at Mark and he just gave me a look of "What the heck did you start this for." So I said "Well (deap breath) Mommies and Daddies get married and mix up all their love and make a baby" and that suficed. Later he told Mark "When I grow up I will make a baby, I will break open my tummy and put a baby in it and break it open to get the baby out when it's ready."
We were dying - too funny! I think he's got the chicken egg confused with the human baby, but he's got the idea at least for a few years that should do just fine!
Kids really say some amazing things!


Jakob was outside skateboarding with Daddy today, he likes to do "tricks". As you can tell we may need a sponsor in the future!!

Jakob plays Doctor

After Jakob's visit to the Doctor, he decided that he was going to play doctor and listen to the baby, of course he heard a lot of bubbles going thru my tummy, which he thinks is her "blowing bubbles". He also thinks that he has to put the stethoscope on my belly button to hear anything! Too cute.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Jakob Funnies

I took Jakob in for his 3 year check up yesterday, he was so good! He did everything the nurse told him to do and when Dr. Amundson came in, Jakob greeted him with "Hi Doctor, I'm 3 years old now". Jakob really likes his Pediatrician, he is so good with him, The doctor was asking Jakob where his body parts were and Jakob of course knows where everthing is and informed him that, "food goes in your mouth, down down down to your tummy and out your buns!" The kid knows the basics I guess.
Jakob told the nurse that he was going to have a baby sister and when asked what we will name her he said "Dumptruck." I had heard that he said this from one of his preschool teachers, but hadn't actually heard it come from his mouth! The nurse died laughing and said "That's very interesting but it's kind of a long name," Jakob's reply "That's ok, I like it."
So, apparently Dumptruck is in the running!!
Jakob's physical went well, he is in the 75th for height and 85th for weight - the kid grew 5 inches since last year - amazing, I always have thought of him as being so small, because he always has been on that side - but he's catching up. Although, I don't really think he'll be that tall - we'll see. Jakob got his Hep A and his flu shot yesterday - in his arms, he was so good, but asked "Why did she poke me?" and cried quite a bit with the flu shot. He got his Hep A and didn't really know what to expect, the MD had said that they were out of flu vaccine so I got him dressed, then the nurse came back and said they just deilvered a shipment, so I got his arm out of his shirt and he was trembling in anticipation of the shot - soooo sad! So, I think that's more of why he cried so much w/the flu shot - also because it was cold. But, he recovered once he saw that he got a lollipop and a dinosaur - plus I bought him a little dinosaur movie as a reward - this kid gets it all when it comes to being good at the Doctor's office - bribery works!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday we took Jakob to the pumpkin patch. This pumpkin patch is great, you get to ride a train out to the pumpkins, and then take a boat across a small lake back, super fun for the kids. Of course it was pretty muddy at the patch, so those of us who have boots (myself and Jakob) wore them. But after about, hmmm, maybe 1 minute in the pumpkin patch, Jakob took a header/belly flop into the mud! This year I was prepared, I knew it would happen, luckily it was pretty packed mud, so no big deal, last year he actually got stuck n a big muddy puddle - it was horrible! So, we had a better year at the pumpkin patch thank goodness!
We got to the patch early and had a lot of great pumpkins to choose from. Jakob chose a special reddish/orange pumpkin for his baby sister because "she will like red," and he chose a white pumpkin for himself (you can see Jakob pointing to the reddish pumpkin he picked out for his sister in one of the pictures). My parents are here for the week so we got enough pumpkins for Nana and Papa too. It was a lot of fun, Jakob really liked to pick the pumpkins out, try to lift them into the wheelbarrow and of course liked riding in the wheelbarrow!

Jakob's 3rd Birthday Party

We had a small party for Jakob on Saturday at the Washington Park playground. It was really cold, but it didn't rain - hurray!
We invited a few kids from Jakob's preschool and from our neighborhood. We didn't have any tantrums or meltdowns by any of the kids. We didn't get too many pics as the kids were playing like crazy, which was wonderful! Jakob really liked his cars cake and his party hat! We didn't open any gifts at the party - which I highly suggest to parents - as we didn't have anybody fighting over new toys or yelling "That's mine". It made for a really calm party.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Birthday - Part Two

Jakob graduated from a triker to a biker today.

There was no hesitation... he jost got on the bike and went.

After a few trips up and down our street, we went for several rides around the block.

Pre-order your X-Games tickets now.

Jakob likes to think of himself as a well rounded individual- not just athletic, but intellectual too. Gigantic puzzle, no problem.

(ok, we helped a little)

Happy Birthday Jakob!

Today is Jakob's third birthday and he is very proud to be such a big boy. His preschool celebrates each child's birthday by decorating a board with a tracing of the child and some family pictures. They also threw him a party.

When we arrived at preschool this morning Jakob ran straight to the board to show me his pictures and the list of his favorite things.

Jakob is particularly fond of the picture he's pointing to below, in which he and Ian are eating popsicles.

King for a day!