Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our big guy!

Jakob started first grade today, I feel old just saying it. He's no longer officially little, not a baby, not a toddler, not preschooler or a kindergartener - ugh. My heart hurts, the time literally just flew by and I feel like I can only remember bits and pieces. I was getting teary eyed just trying to remember what he was like at a year and what his little voice sounded like. I know that the next 6 years will go just as fast, I'll be typing about how old I feel having a teenager in a blink of an eye!
Ok enough whining about the things I can do nothing about - time, change etc.

This morning we had a first for first grade, we walked with Jakob to school from our new house! Jakob actually rode his scooter with his buddy Elias, Mom's and siblings in tow and Mark! Jakob managed to fall a few times on the scooter, I managed to yell at him once because he was riding too fast - parent of the year there! Luckily I had band aids with us in our school supply bag!

It was kind of nuts at school with people trying to figure out where they were going, including us! We found Jakob's classroom, met his teacher Mrs. Murray, very nice and he promptly found his desk. Jakob mentioned to me that he thought that some kids in his class were 2nd graders, I thought maybe they were repeating first! But no, we found out that he is in a 1st - 2nd combo class and was "hand picked" by the principal for this class (along with 8 others) because of their attention span, ability to work independently etc. So, after some shock and fear of hearing that he was in this class, I felt better when she said that. I think he was actually excited to be in class with the older kids, he told me this afternoon that some of the 2nd graders have just turned 7 - and yes he will be 7 in a month!
So, all in all a day of anxiety, tears and joy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sarah's obsession with getting married...

It started probably a year ago, she talks about wearing a wedding dress, getting married to her brother or Daddy, I don't know why she is so obsessed with it, but she is. Well, my parents brought my wedding dress down for me to store now, (guess we have a house and we are adults, so we have to store it) and I made the mistake of showing it to Sarah. She thought that she was going to get to wear it then, and was so upset that she couldn't take it out of the box. So, I told her that when she is old enough to get married she could wear it if she wanted to, that satisfied her and now that's all we hear about, "When I'm a growm (yes GROWM) up, I will wear your dress."
Tonight she was looking at pictures on our wall of our wedding and said, "I wish I could be at your wedding, when you get married, I want to go."
Me: "Oh yeah Sarah, I'm sorry you weren't there, but you weren't born yet, and I'm not getting married again, but you'll get to go to a wedding someday."
Sarah: "Yeah and you'll be in the back seat."
Me:"Oh, what do you mean, you are going to drive me?"
Sarah: "Yeah, I'm going to get married and you'll be in the backseat."
Me: "Who are you going to marry?"
Sarah: "Probably Daddy"
I see now where I stand!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another day in the life of Jakob and Sarah...

Just thought I would post a few pics to keep current with happenings here:
Jakob is still loving Blaze the gecko, not as excited about him, but when he remembers him, he is! I don't have a picture of what Jakob is really into right now, paper airplanes, I really need to take a picture of the 50 or so airplanes he's made on his own and likes to leave lying around the house. He really likes to throw them from the top of the stairs and/or at someone!
Sarah, being Sarah, what else can I say. She is so lucky she is cute, she's been quite the handful these days, lots of tantrums, lots of yelling and a lot of stress on the parents. We are going to be learning how to best help her soon. Until then, we breathe, drink wine/beer and try our darndest to be patient.

Sarah's first swim lessons without a parent, she did great.
Sarah's dream of holding and caring for a real baby came true this weekend, the Heidrick family came to visit, and this is Madeleine (8 weeks), a real doll!

Saved the best picture for last, this is what happens when Mom goes on a walk! Look at my boy, what a good big brother! And Sarah, she looks about 5 in this picture - scary how he has grown so fast!

We were walking home from the YMCA last week, Jakob and I were talking about how different dogs are, how some need obedience training and some don't. I said, "Yep, like some kids are more difficult than others." Jakob, "Yeah, like Sarah." Me, "Yeah, but we just have to learn how to work with her." Jakob, "Yeah, but I hope she still stays crazy, it wouldn't be much fun without her crazy!" So true!