Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sarah's obsession with getting married...

It started probably a year ago, she talks about wearing a wedding dress, getting married to her brother or Daddy, I don't know why she is so obsessed with it, but she is. Well, my parents brought my wedding dress down for me to store now, (guess we have a house and we are adults, so we have to store it) and I made the mistake of showing it to Sarah. She thought that she was going to get to wear it then, and was so upset that she couldn't take it out of the box. So, I told her that when she is old enough to get married she could wear it if she wanted to, that satisfied her and now that's all we hear about, "When I'm a growm (yes GROWM) up, I will wear your dress."
Tonight she was looking at pictures on our wall of our wedding and said, "I wish I could be at your wedding, when you get married, I want to go."
Me: "Oh yeah Sarah, I'm sorry you weren't there, but you weren't born yet, and I'm not getting married again, but you'll get to go to a wedding someday."
Sarah: "Yeah and you'll be in the back seat."
Me:"Oh, what do you mean, you are going to drive me?"
Sarah: "Yeah, I'm going to get married and you'll be in the backseat."
Me: "Who are you going to marry?"
Sarah: "Probably Daddy"
I see now where I stand!

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