Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pirate Day

Today they had a pirate party at Jakob's pre-school, to help celebrate the 3 kiddos that are going off to kindergarten. As you can see the kids made their own pirate hats, eye patches and are even wearing jewelry. The 2nd picture shows Jakob wearing his eye patch, (didn't really stay on his eye) and the last picture shows their super cool pirate ship!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jakob and his Baby Sister

Jakob has finally started talking about his baby sister. Tonight at the dinner table he randomly said "I will call my baby sister Banana", and thought he was quite funny! Maybe Hannah Banana?
After reading stories tonight we talked about his sister and how he will be a good big brother. He laid his head on my belly to listen to "her talk...she's funny...she thinks I'm funny...I hear her blowing bubbles in there."
I can't wait until he can really feel her move around - it will be great to tell him that she's giving him a high five!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ben Harper

I just thought those who know how obsessed I am w/Ben, would appreciate that I got tickets today for his upcoming concert here in Portland on Nov. 12th! I am super excited, the last time I saw him was when I was 9 months pregnant with Jakob! This little lady will get to experience Ben before she is born too!! Ben has a new album coming out, you can check it out on his website, they even have a video on there - of course I've watched it a few times already! Apparently Ben is changing some things up and will be trying to play acoustic shows again and has even suggested a kind of dress code - interesting - you can read more about him at
When I bought the tickets today I wasn't sure that I would be able to get them b/c he's playing in a relatively small venue for him and it would be my luck not to get them, so when the young girl at ticketmaster said we could have like the 10th row I reached over the counter and grabbed her - I couldn't believe it, well it was too good to be true, they got bought out from under us - so we got the 19th row - aisle seats - which will be very important for me as I'll be 8 months pregnant!!
I'm sooooooo excited!!

Uncle Ted is in town

So Ted is visitng us right now, and Jakob LOVES him! Uncle Ted can do no wrong! Everyday that i've picked up Jakob from school he's asked "Is Uncle Ted at our home?" Not "Hi Mommy", it's all about Ted - it's a bit scary, as many of you know he may not be the best influence on my child, especially when he and Mark are together! But he really is great with kids.

Jakob said a cute thing the other day, he had eaten a lot of broccoli and was tooting like crazy, so I said "You are tooting up a storm..." and he said "Why is there a storm in my tummy?" Too cute!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Camping - Van Damme Style

We just got back from a 6 day trip to Van Damme State Park, named after everyone's favorite kickboxing star!! Or so that's what Mark and Michael believe! It was a 10 hour drive- we drove Monday night to Grants Pass OR and stayed in a hotel, then left early Tuesday and got there around 4pm. The drive was a bit treacherous for me due to the winding roads to the coast which caused quite the car sickness in this pregnant mama!

It was, however, the most beautiful drive. The coastline from Crescent City to Mendocino is amazing.

We were greeted at the campsite by the Connelly family (Carmen, Michael, Nadia (4yrs) and Aidan (2 yrs). They reserved a beautiful campsite for us, back high in the redwoods.

The Sula - Goff family (Evan, Erin and Emilie - soon to be 1 yr) made the long trip and got there on Thursday.

We spent time at the beach just down the road from the campsite looking for "treasure," what Nadia called shells and rocks. Now Jakob calls his rock that Nadia gave him his "treasure" and makes sure it's safe on his shelf every time he goes into his bedroom - he will be bringing it to sharing at school this week.

The kids all got a kick out of Emilie - Jakob especially - he even wanted to see her nurse! He helped feed her and tried to teach her his high 5 game. He was constantly saying how "cute" she was - sooooo sweet. He definetly has some kind of crush on Nadia though, he had to make sure he gave her a kiss goodbye. On our drive home we stopped at the dreaded McDonalds (for those that are as grossed out by McDonalds as we are - it's Jakob's 2nd trip - only on long road trips do we stop there) hoping there would be somewhere for Jakob to play - there wasn't, but a little girl in there gave him her little purple teddy bear from the happy meal - that wears a dress - that he now calls Nadia and sleeps with!

Anyhow, we had a nice time with everyone. It was so great to see our close friends and have all day to just talk and hang out without having to be pulled in so many directions or have any plans at all. Mark, Michael and Evan got to have some "Man Time" and went kayaking together.

Oh and yes I had my worst parenting moment ever, I think. Jakob was pooping on the flush toilets at the campsite when he decided to turn around to look at his poop coming out of his buns - lovely I know - and he lost his balance and fell into the toilet. I have told him before not to turn around while on the potty so he knew full well what not to do - and guess what happened - hands right into the poop and pee and in a public toilet! I LOST IT! I picked him up, quickly flung him off the toilet w/a slam of his feet on the floor and a few choice words like "God Damn IT". I tried to drag him back to camp to wash him off with sanitizer but he refused to hold my hand or rather be dragged across the street - which then fired me up even more! So, I totally traumatized him in front of everyone at the campsite, stripped him of his 2 1/2 year old dignity while yelling at him about all the germs he just touched and how he is to always hold my hand. The other kids watched in horror as one of their comrades was going down and they had no idea why! Yes a shining parenting moment for me!!!!
Oh - later that day Jakob slipped on his hands on the floor of a porta potty - the germ exposure continues - this time my temper was a bit more controlled! But, I'll tell you that Jakob did learn his lesson because since then when he is on the potty, he says "I didn't turn around Mommy." I definetly made an impression - good or bad I don't know!

Our camping trip was fun, most of you know I'm not much of a camper, I don't enjoy the campfire smoke, nor laying on the ground, but the quality time with friends was great. We had lots of late night fun around the campfire - of course, sadly, I was the only sober one - I've got some great pics that I can blackmail people for later - Michael!!!!!

Oh, and on our way back home we stopped by my cousin Monica and Christopher's new house in Fort Bragg - they have a beautiful one-acre lot and are very blessed to live where they do! They gave us some fresh albacore to take home, which we seared last night and it was so good!

Enjoy our pictures - I have added our one belly picture we've got - it's kind of abstract since Mark took it thru the campfire.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby Names

Thought I'd put it out there that we are not sure on any names yet and would love some suggestions!
Here are a few that we or I should say ones that I like:

Lily (But this is a very popular name right now)
Madeline (again popular)
Beatrice (Bea - but Mark refuses to name his child an old lady name)

Let us know what you think, we don't have any middle names at this point either!

A Housing Update

Just a quick update on our housing situation. Our renters in Pasco decided not to purchase our house at this time, so we are staying put until March, then we will try to sell the house when their lease is up. It will be a tight situation here w/a new baby coming, but we don't want to stretch ourselves too much as I will be taking 3 months off (not paid) after our little lady is born! The rent that we get paid will help with that and our landlord has been so kind as to not raise our rent - we are paying some of the lowest rent in our neighborhood, I think.

Mark will try to find an office space, maybe in the fall or just before the baby is born, that way we have more room in the hosue for her. Luckily we've got most of what we need for the baby and don't need to buy too much (except cute clothes of course), and will be able to borrow things from friends. With the limited space we've got that will curb our budget a bit too.
I'm thinking about buying some used bunk beds on craigslist for Jakob to use and get used to before we move to a new house, that way the baby can have the crib. We'll see what I can find!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's a girl!

So, I have yet to take the belly picture, so busy - who knew you could be so busy w/life and a 2 1/2 year old!
Anyhow, thanks to Mark who posted the ultrasound pics. I thought I'd share a little more about our ultrasound experience. We took Jakob with us, which was very interesting. The appointment itself was really long, a tech did the ultrasound for about an hour then the MD came in to do another one to confirm everything was where it should be and to confirm that this little lady is measuring smaller than my dates - she is about 18 1/2 weeks - not 20 - so that puts the due date at 1/7/08.
While we were watching the ultrasound I thought for sure I saw a penis - which turned out to be the umbilical cord, I was certain it was a boy until the tech said "It's the absence of certain parts that confirms that it's a girl" I couldn't believe it. He also said "I see a definite hamburger sign", which kind of grossed us out, but that meant that he could trace her genitalia - which then looks a bit like a hamburger - we did not get a picture of that!
I'm still in a bit of shock as I've prepared myself for 2 boys and not having to deal with all the drama that goes around girls!
Thru this pregnancy Jakob has been saying that we are having a girl/sister but when we told him today he said "I don't want a sister", lovely! But, he eventually came around to liking the idea by the end of the appointment. He started to say "I'm going to have a sister...I'm going to be a big brother." When I dropped him off at school today the teachers freaked out about us having a girl - super excited and all the kids were clapping so, I think that made him a bit more excited too.

The day after we found out that Jakob was a boy I went into the Baby Gap and left crying because I was sure he was a girl and I got so sad that there weren't any cute clothes for boys (which later I realized it must have been off season because there totally are cute clothes for boys). Well today I redeemed myself and my emotions and went out shopping right after the appointment, yes, I bought a little pink onsie that says "Daddy's little dear" and hat to match - the hat has deer on it - too cute, I couldn't resist. I'm dying to buy girl shoes/boots for the winter etc - but I'm holding back!!

Life is changing all the time for us, this is such an amazing time.

Say Hello to our Little Girl

Jakob's initial instincts were right... he's going to have a baby sister. She's very photogenic as you can see below.

Her nose and mouth...




...and legs.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

G Love and Special Sauce

Mark and I actually went out to a concernt tonight! We saw G Love and Special Sauce at the Edgefield. It was so great, I highly recommend seeing G Love live, a very entertaining concert. The Edgefield has a beautiful outdoor setting for a concert. We brought our own chair and blanket and watched the concert as the sun went down.

Auntie Amby watched Jakob - which of course he loved! He was smiling from ear to ear when we got home and was very excited to tell us all about his few hours with Amber at the farmers market and home doing puzzles, trains etc.
Jakob's new thing is to dance wildly to Led Zepplin (of course Mark turns it up super loud), we tried to get him to do it for Amber but he wouldn't "shake my moneymaker" for her! Too funny!
When I was about 9 months pregnant with Jakob I saw Ben Harper in concert, so I swear that's why Jakob really likes music w/guitar, but it could also be alot of environemental stuff since Mark puts it on all the time!
So, with this new baby we'll see if the baby likes blues/funk after seeing G Love in concert - the baby was kicking and rolling around a lot during the concert - not sure if that's good or bad!

Sunday, August 5, 2007


We had my Uncle Jacob and my Grandma Willy (GG Willy to Jakob) here for a visit this weekend. We had such a great time with them. My Grandma calls Jakob her "little darling" and Jakob thought that was really cute, he keeps saying "I like GG Willy she calls me little darling." So cute!
My Uncle Jacob and my Grandma stayed at the Northrup Inn, I highly recommend this hotel for friends and family - especially w/kids, totally kid friendly and yummy free breakfast and a great location. Of course you can always stay with us, but if we are at full capacity or just happen to get stuck in our little rental until we do have a baby - that might be an option!!

Oh, we went to Jakob's Pediatrician on Friday to check his eyebrow and it turns out the wound opened back up - the glue didn't keep it closed. At this point there is nothing we can really do except help it heal - which will take a bit longer and he may have a bigger scar. The doctor (whom is a young, single guy) said to Jakob that it will just help with his rugged good looks and "besides he can get an eyebrow ring in it later", Jakob replied to me, "Yeah Mommie....What's an eyebrow ring?" Hysterical!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Jakob's funnies

I think I should keep a running tab on what Jakob says in a day, I wish I could remember everything he says, some of it is hysterical. I will try to put something on the Blog at least weekly of what he has said that has cracked us up.
Today he said at the library (where voices should be quiet) "Boobies are private". We were going to check out a book called "The Prince has a BooBoo" and "BooBoo" is his word for "boobs", so he had to announce that. He apparently also told Mark today that he will "drive his own car with Ian to Mountain Hood when I'm bigger." Also told me again that "when I'm bigger I will drink coffee and beer." Can you see a theme with the getting bigger stuff! Too funny.
Oh, in story time today there happened to be a newborn there with her sister and Jakob announced that the baby "came from her mom's tummy but the baby doesn't have booboos yet." Another running theme in his life - boobs!! Lovely!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our trip to Sequim

Here are some pictures from our trip to Sequim. Mark just said he wished we could go back this weekend, we had a wonderful time - thanks Wen and Joe!

P.S. You can see the infamous wooden swing just minutes before the eyebrow disaster - Jakob was sandwiched between 2 cute girls on it - every boy's dream I'm sure!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Swimming with the "noodle"!

Swimming Lessons with Daddy

Jumping In!

Swimming Lessons with Daddy

Here is a picture of Jakob with Daddy, last week in the pool.

Again continued

I am really slow at this Blogging thing, sorry!!! I thought I posted my last posting but I guess I lost it. OK, please be patient when reading our Blog as I am mildly retarded at this!!

I meant to put in the update posting that we are currently looking for a house in Portland. Our renters in Pasco have let us know that they are ready to buy our house - so we will do that sometime soon!
We put an offer on a house today but got rejected for a better offer - oh well, we will keep looking. We won't be able to get a house in our lovely little neighborhood as all we can afford are 2 bedrooms. We all know that I would go insane if I had to live with a 2 year old, an infant and a husband that works from home in a 2 bedroom house - plus where would our visitors stay!!
So, we will be looking outside of Westmoreland!

Oh, I will be posting a belly picture next week sometime, for those that keep asking for it!! We haven't actually taken one, I plan to take on at our ultrasound appointment.

OH, and Jakob's eyebrow is doing so much better, the glue really worked.

Jakob informed me today that "When I'm bigger I will drive myself to school and walk Roxy by myself". He also told us that when he is older he will "drink beer". I guess we're raising him right?!

Update Continued