Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hurray for a super early spring!

Hiking today at Washington Park...

Oh, and just a princess picture!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Future Olympian?!

We've been inspired by the 2010 Olympics to get our kids on a head start, you know maybe we'll get college paid for at least or a Wheaties box picture - whatever will pay the bills right!!
Jakob has been asking to go skiing since we went sledding at Mt. Hood, and now with the Olympics on TV, he's really been interested in it. So, Mark took him to Mt. Hood Meadows today - gorgeous day for it - and Jakob LOVED it, he did fall a couple times but he said his favorite part was "going fast down the hill" - which he refuses to call the bunny slope, "it was pretty steep Mommy!". He got his own ID badge to wear and to go back with, so he has proudly announced that he can "go skiing anytime he wants, as many times as I want". My thoughts - GET A JOB! :)

Here he is patiently waiting in the car, with his Whistler hat on - paying homage to the 2010 Olympics!
Riding the "treadmill" up the hill.

Calmly assessing the "steep" mountain!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Nana flew in for a surprise visit with the kids and to help us parents out - LOVE HER FOR IT!!
The kids were so excited to see her when she showed up at their preschool, Jakob said "Hi Mommy, Hey Nana? HI NANA!!!"
It was so sweet!
Of course Nana spoiled the kids with tons of candy and treats, clothes etc. for Valentine's Day and spoiled the parents with cleaning, baking chocolate chip cookies and babysitting, oh and a bit of sleeping in for us too!! Nothing better!
Weather here was great, sunny and cool, just perfect for walks and park visits, as well as a visit to the zoo today.

Jakob's Valentine's day hat - can't see it but it really was so cute! He was quite excited to open up his cards from his friends, including his girlfriend Kaedyn, for whom he drew a picture of a "rainbow unicorn", because she "likes rainbows and unicorns". So adorable!
Nana and the kids at the zoo, looking cool in their shades!
Riding the hippo
Sarah, a hot mess! (Wearing her new pink cowboy boots that our neighbor handed down to us!)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just because

I am sitting here with "The Wiggles Lullaby" cd playing in the background, catching up on emails, facebook, etc., and just had to post these pics of Sarah in bed. She has been up a lot at night - sick with a cold, so looking at these, makes me remember how sweet she can be!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sarah's real party

We finally officially celebrated Sarah's 2nd Birthday with a last minute trip to the mall and Build a Bear, mall food and ice cream too - classy I know! Sarah is finally over her cold and Mark was in town, so we went on a Friday night after work, which worked for the other families we wanted there as well!
Build a Bear was a bit overwhelming for the parents and for Sarah, well the whole trip was crazy, we ate pizza in the mall with pop music blaring, the kids rode the kiddie rides and were totally wound up by the time we got to Build a Bear. Sarah had a tantrum over having to give the worker an unstuffed toy and didn't want anything to do with the machine that stuffs the bears. Luckily her big brother took over for her! I should have taken a pic of her having a tantrum on the floor at her party - she is SO 2 years old!

Sarah being coaxed by Daddy to walk over to the noisy machine and give a stranger her chosen doggie to get stuffed - yeah not happening!
Her finished doggie, or as she has named it, "BINGO".
Giving Bingo his first bath.
The crazy crew!! I did not get 1 picture of all 6 of them looking at the camera - at least this one Sarah is looking in my direction!
Danica and Sarah shopping for accessories for their doggies!
Ice cream (EYESSHHHH CEEEEEEM)and her precious Wiggles balloon, which she has had to have in her hand everywhere she goes until it came off the ribbon and flew up onto the ceiling, totally traumatic for her - she's over it now, thank GOD!

One happy girl, a Wiggles balloon and a new doggie!