Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tis the season

We tried something new this year, we went to cut down our own tree. You would think we would've done this when we lived in the northwest, where all the trees are gorgeous, but we didn't. And I think after this year, we might end up with an artificial as in years past! The tree was a difficult decision and it's kind of a charlie brown tree, kinda bare on one side but needed a trim on another, and is a pain in the rear to get straight - but, it's unique and oh my goodness our house smells amazing - so there is that! We'll just see what the after Christmas sales hold in the way of artificial trees. I think the kids could go either way, I know they enjoyed the hunt (for awhile) but I think we would enjoy putting one together just as much. They love the decorating that's for sure.

Here we are hiking up to find a tree! Funny that there are palms in the background, so southern California.
Sarah had a knack for finding very interesting trees.

Silly kiddos (so done with me trying to get a nice picture of the two of them).
Tired and sitting in the shade. By this time we had walked every square inch of this farm to really pick a good one. They were done and would've been just as happy with a bush by now.

After getting the tree we made one of a few trips that day to Lowe's to pick out Christmas lights for our new house! Mark worked tirelessly getting them up on the house, I didn't work that hard, just threw them around the palm, which we fixed today. I think for our first go at hanging lights, it's pretty ok! Our tree is in the walkway, getting ready to be brought into the house.

Finally decorating, the kids were so excited. They had to wait to decorate until we could get a new bulb on the lights for the tree, a whole strand was out. Thank goodness for nice neighbors!
Sarah got to put the angel on for the first time - very exciting!

We ended the weekend with a surprise trip to the Del Mar race track for their Holiday of Lights show. You get to drive on the horse track and see a TON of light displays. We had the kids in their pj's in the car, guessing the whole time where they were going - we stumped them until we drove in. It was fantastic, and their faces on the kids were priceless. Sarah sat on my lap in the front and Jakob helped Mark drive around the track - very exciting. I know I will hold this as a favorite holiday memory, hopefully they will too.