Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update on Baby Boy Rust

Via email, talked with Ted, and the name is not settled yet.
But, he was 10 lbs 4oz, 22in. long, born at 12:20pm on 7/29.
I saw a pic and he is gorgeous, a little sumo baby!
Ted says he has "sumo" thighs! Apparently Ted also weighed 10lbs 4oz - crazy!
Anyhow, Congrats to the new parents and way to go Loretta!

New Happenings

Sarah woke up with a tooth, well a teeny tiny bit of a bottom tooth has cut thru! And, she decided that she would start to crawl today! She has been doing a few real crawl moves, then sitting. Mostly she does the gimpy crawl, like Jakob did, moving on one knee while using the other leg as a balance (it's hard to describe, but basically one leg isn't in the crawl position).

Looks a bit like this, in these jammies you can't see her leg position though.

Also, our friends the Azures are in the operating room at this moment, having their 3rd baby! We have their blog page up on the computer in the background of the picture. Can't wait to hear all the details!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Boy Rust

This is what I know so far (all info from Ted via text message to Mark - so obviously not a lot of details):
9 am Loretta started pushing, Noon she went into the operating room.
At 2pm, we got a text saying 10lbs 4oz!!
Holy Crap! Hurray Loretta and Ted!
Will post more as soon as I find out! I just read there was an earthquake this am in CA, hope that didn't halt any labor/surgery!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Recently overheard Jakob saying...

"Do Lions eat cantaloupe?" (meaning Antelope)

"I have a chin ache." (but was pointing to his neck)

"Is resting a chore?"

While we were hiking:
"We don't leave trash in the forest because the forest men would get mad...and the deer don't like to live in trash."
"What do the tree roots do...oh, they get the vitermins (vitamins) for the tree to grow."

While at the Adidas store tonight:
"Can I touch this statue (mannequin)?"
Me: "Yes, but gently" Jakob proceeds to shake her hand but not very gently, I tell him to touch gently and turn my back to him, as I turn around again, I find him touching the mannequin in her butt crack.
Me: "Don't touch her there, why are you doing that?"
Jakob: "Because I like too." (big grin)

"This would be a nice sweater for's too bad we didn't get Sarah a new sweater" (also while we were at the Adidas store)

I got Jakob a book from the library today on insects, when he saw it he said "I love bugs and sects (insects), spiders are my favorite but just the good spiders...are there good spiders?" "Spiders only eat bad bugs, not the good ones, right."

Also got a book called "Hello, Hello" it's about how animals say hello to each other, there is a part about polar bears, Jakob asked "How do polar bears stay warm in all that snow?"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good Times

We had a nice weekend. Munchkin sports (gymnastics), lunch with the Brink Family (some meltdowns did ensue from our kiddos), a visit with Auntie Rebecca, a night out, and hiking!
We got to have a date last night, our friends David and Jeri brought their 4 year old son over and tag teamed watching all 3 kids ( I was a stress ball about the situation, especially since my kids both had a pretty bad morning with the meltdowns). But, of course everything went well, our kids were fine and didn't even throw tantrums, went to bed on time etc etc etc.
So, we ventured out into the world of adults without kids, and went with Rebecca, Amber and Josh to see the X-files movie out to Thai food, then out for a few drinks - it was great. It's always weird to Mark and I that people are out on the town after 10pm, because we are always home with the kids, Mark's words were "It's like Vegas," basically because of all the half naked women and gambling that goes on in downtown Portland - kidding (I'm sure that is happening somewhere in Portland, just not where we were) -like Vegas, because it was so nice and warm and people were out walking downtown after dark.
This morning we had a wonderful brunch at our house - brought over by Amber, Josh and Rebecca - and a nice visit with Rebecca. Jakob showed off all of his toys, tricks, dance moves etc. to Rebecca! Sarah showed off her moves too - her pre-crawling moves that is.
We finished off our day with a hike at Tryon Creek this evening, it was so nice. Jakob LOVES hiking and couldn't wait to go this afternoon. He talked the entire time and was fascinated by the banana slugs we saw.

Sarah and Auntie Rebecca!

Sarah riding in the Ergo Carrier on our hike.

Looking for fish in the river

A rare find for us - a family of Banana slugs! Gross looking but kind of cute to find a family!

And Lastly, this is so Mark's doing, he wanted me to put this on the blog and told me what to type:
Jakob has been eating like a horse lately and has been crapping like one too!

Yes, it is horse poop on the bridge/trail, there are horse trails where we went hiking.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sleeping Kiddos

This post is for my Mom, I didn't get to call you back tonight because of our long night with our walk to the river, then tub time and bedtime etc. Plus, now that my Mom is a little Internet friendly, she can check the blog daily for pictures and as she says, it makes her feel "like she's right here with the kids", even though she is thousands of miles away! The Internet is amazing!
Hope you have a great day Mom and enjoy the pictures of these crazy kids!

Serious relaxation on Jakob's part - you can kind of see all of the stuffed "babies" he has sleeping with him!

Sarah, always on her tummy, here she is doing some kind of weird chicken wing pose!

A nice evening

This evening we went down to the river to have a picnic dinner and a walk on the beach. It was really nice outside tonight, and the kids both had a great time. Roxy loves going to the river to swim, so funny because this is a dog that Mark had to carry into the water as a puppy, now she can't get enough of it.

Oh and tonight Sarah got from her tummy to sitting! She is moving right along, I bet she'll be crawling in the next couple weeks!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They're Back!

The boys flew in this afternoon from Montana, and we are so happy to have them home. Sarah was so excited to see her brother! Cooing and laughing at him like crazy!
What I have heard about the trip so far is that it was great! The memorial service for GG was very nice, the family reunion was fun - apparently Mark was recognized not by himself but by Jakob looking like him. I guess some cousins of Mark's looked at Jakob and said that must be Mark's boy - if only they saw his daughter!
Jakob had a ton of fun with his cousin Sam, they played their hearts out - up until 10-11 pm every night!
Here are a few pics from their trip:

Sam and Jakob wrestling their (Great - don't like to put that in, makes him sound really old and he's not) Uncle Scott!

The boys at the Museum of the Rockies - gee wonder why they wanted to go there!

Having fun while on a walk at Uncle Scott and Aunt Cindy's house.

Got to see some wildlife while walking!

Gathering firewood!

Two little cowboys jumping on a trampoline!

I love this picture - Auntie Angela and Sam relaxing at the Chico Hot Springs pool!

Jakob and Sam got to see first hand how to make a chocolate shake at Uncle Scott and Aunt Cindy's restaurant "Mark's In and Out". Of course they got to drink the shake as well!

And lastly I will end this post with a gratuitous naked baby photo - Sarah in the tub tonight! She really likes to be on her belly in the tub, mostly because she likes to put the bubbles in her mouth - therefore the bubble beard!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Missing My Boys!

Since Mark and Jakob have been gone, I have been enjoying my time as a single parent of a 6 month old - I forgot how easy life was with just one kiddo! Especially a 6 month old that isn't mobile yet and doesn't argue or throw tantrums, want your constant attention/imagination, or want you to make snacks or meals all the time (just to name a few differences between a 6 month old and a 3 1/2 year old)! Without a husband, I've been eating out every night or eating the left overs from my night out the day before and not thinking about making meals until I'm actually hungry, and of course I've been watching a lot of chick flicks, what more could I want!

I've been keeping busy doing this:
Walking to the river and dog park, shopping at children's resale shops, painting a new computer table, going out to coffee and lunch with Julie, went on a hike with Roxy and Sarah (this evening) and talking on the phone!

 I can't imagine what I would do with myself if I didn't have a kid, what do single people do?! Well, they probably hang out with friends, go to the gym, take up a hobby (maybe knit or read), have a drink or two, go to the movies or a concert, go shopping without having to worry about if their kid has to take a nap, if they need a sitter etc etc etc. 

Life has been busy and fun the last couple days, but it's also been terribly lonely. I am enjoying Sarah as much as possible, but am dying to have a big hug from Mark and Jakob. I wait by the phone every night for the phone call from Jakob saying "I love you and miss you Mommy." Those calls have been few and far between b/c the cell reception is terrible there.
So, although I love the free time I have now,  I wouldn't change my normally busy, loud, challenging days with the family all together!

Friday, July 18, 2008

But I want to go to the airport now....

Jakob and Mark flew to Montana this morning to celebrate the life of a very special woman, Great Grandma Dorothy (Dode).
Since yesterday afternoon, all we heard from Jakob was "But I want to go to the airport now." He even said it while he was lying in bed, when I explained that he would have to sleep in the airport to wait for his flight, he didn't seem to care about that as long as the airplane would be there to take them to "Tana" to "Celebrate GG going to a happy place."
Jakob will also get to spend a lot of time with his cousin Sam this weekend, that spells trouble I tell you!!

I talked to Jakob after his flight, he was quite excited and said that "taking off was my favorite part." After talking to Mark it sounds like the flight into Montana was pretty hairy, in fact Mark's words were "I thought we were going to die...but I kept a happy face and Jakob had fun." Oh, what parents will do!

Jakob wore his Captain's hat on the plane, Mark said the pilot gave him a special postcard with a picture of the plane on it.

Here is Jakob this morning with his plane.

Jakob and all of his gear, ready to get on the plane!

Jakob's first meeting with GG Dode! We love and miss you, and truely hope you are in a happy place - filled with lots of children, giving you many more kisses on the cheeks!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sarah's 6 months old!

Happy 6 month Birthday little lady!

At Dr. Joel's Clinic yesterday - weighed 17.9 lbs, 26.9 inches long.
Here she is getting her head measured - she started crying - had no idea of what was to come - shots! Poor little bugger, this time Daddy was there to help hold her while I looked away and Dr. Joel gave her the shots.
We love our Pediatrician - he doesn't have a Nurse so he does everything himself- crazy! He also spends 1 hour with us for every well visit.

Our attempt at getting a 6 month picture!

Don't even think about making me look at the camera and smile!

No, I won't do it!

I am so out of here...

Wait, did I hear the camera back on again, I must try to crawl to it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

We have decided with the state of the economy and the state of our checkbook - that we will be staying in our little rental house until March, next year. I wouldn't have been that happy about this a mere 6 months ago - before Sarah was born - as I couldn't imagine all of us in this little place, but somehow (with a lot of toys being rotated thru the basement and some organization) we make it work (not to mention the kids are small and they wear small clothes that fit in their closet). Today we found out that our request for a dishwasher will be granted!! I couldn't be happier, I do dishes at least 3 times per day, but on most days more than that! Woohoo!
We absolutely love our neighborhood and would love for Jakob to attend school here, so we will be staying put until we can buy a place or afford to move to an even better neighborhood.
Reasons we love our neighborhood -
You can walk to 2 grocery stores, 2 awesome parks, many coffee shops, pubs, restaurants and unique shops.
The elementary school is supported by the community (you still have to pay out of your pocket for full day kindergarten, free for half day, anywhere in Portland). But, the school offers free art and Spanish classes after school, is connected to the Boys and Girls Club and/or community center for after school care and the school has a good teacher/student ratio.
The weekly Farmer's Market that we can walk to (May-Sept)
The summer concerts in the park (that we can walk to)
The river/beach (that we can walk to)
The community pool at the park - where Jakob and Sarah will be taking swim lessons in August.

So, our house might not be the greatest (1 old bathroom, not well insulated, a scary basement, a dilapidated garage, crazy bamboo constantly growing in our backyard, plants that are always refusing to grow in our front yard, squeaky floors, a sloping floor in the dining room and everything else that goes with living in a small Portland home) but we love the neighborhood and so we will stay! It feels so good to me to know that we will be here and have a plan for awhile, we will hope that 09 holds a great housing price decrease, and many a raises for us, so that we can buy a great house - We can dream!!

After typing all of this, I realized that I should just be thankful that we have a flippin roof over our head and actually have the ability to make a choice/decision on where we want to live. Not to mention, the thanks I have for our happy, healthy, wonderful little family of 4 in our house!

Who says orange isn't my color?

Normally when I feed Sarah, I am better at getting the excess into her mouth, but she was diving at the spoon with carrots, so this is what the result was! At first it was like an orange colored lip liner, then went to a full orange lipstick mess!
Sarah is starting to get the hang of putting Cheerios into her mouth - the ratio is about 1 in 10 that actually make it to the mouth! You can see in the second picture, she actually accomplished getting the cheerio into her mouth!

Carrots, Sweet Sweet Carrots!

Sweet Success!

Side Note - I am posting so many pics lately as my parents and other family members are totally loving the daily updates and missing the kiddos. My Mom can now pull the blog up at work, so it will probably be a daily picture post - until I go back to work - uggh.

Monday, July 14, 2008

More New Happenings

Sarah will be 6 months on Thursday and is growing and developing so fast!
She is now taking baths with Jakob, without the baby tub! Of course, Jakob isn't that happy about her sharing all the toys and isn't a fan of all the splashing she does, but he has been happy to show her how the toys work and how to wash your body!

Sarah has been doing a lot of scooting around in circles but is now trying to get up on her hands and knees, I took this today, but it doesn't show how hard she was working and I couldn't get one of her while she was actually on her hands and knees. This girl is in a hurry to be on the move with her brother! Watch out Jakob, here she comes!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trip To California

Here are some pictures from our girls trip to California - finally!

Sarah sitting in the "Bumbo" chair my Mom got - worked great for her and other kids enjoyed it too! Since then she can sit up on her own.

Sarah, meeting her GG Willy for the first time, so precious...

4 generations!

Sarah and her Great Aunt Katie

Sarah and her Great Aunt Peggy (Who just became an Oma to Isliana Mae!)

Sarah sitting with Gramma Kathy and meeting Great Grandma Anne for the first time

Aubrey's son Zach (2) making a move on my girl!

Best Buds and their babes!

I never thought I would see this, yes this is Loretta pregnant!! (I actually teared up when I saw her, she is so beautiful and will be the sweetest Mom and of course Ted will be an amazing Dad). Is she not the cutest pregnant lady - dying!! She is such a trooper, it was over 100 degrees at her shower and she was still smiling and having a good time - puffy feet and all!
Oh and in this picture we were doing the string around the belly game - I'm not kidding, her 8 month pregnant belly is just as big as my waist! A sad moment, but I have to remember that she is Chinese, around 100 pounds and I am not!

Sarah met her Uncle Jeff for the first time, of course she loved him, what girl doesn't! I promised her that Uncle Jeff will be the person to buy her all the designer purses she ever wanted!

Sarah hanging out with her cousins Sam and Ben - who are ever so doting over her! So cute!

Sarah met Uncle Evan and Auntie Erin for the first time, the last time they "saw" her she was in my belly, while we camped last summer.

Evan and Erin's cutie pie - Emilie (22 months)

Sarah got to meet Aidan (who is showing us in this picture that he is 3) and Nadia (5 years). The last time we saw them was also camping while pregnant with Sarah, last summer! They are the cutest kids! And does anybody know how Aidan got to be so big - he is the biggest kid and his parents...umm..if you know them...not so big! Carmen did mention a mailman... hmmm, if it weren't for the striking resemblance of his father's facial features, I would believe that!

As with all children we know, Papa Don can get them to smile and laugh!

We also got to meet Julie and Jeremy's newest baby - Natalie (6 weeks at our visit and a doll) - but I don't have a picture to load onto the blog, will work on that! I of course teared up when Julie's son Blake (3) started to kiss and pat Sarah when she was crying! He is the sweetest big brother, and I was seriously missing my boy!

A special thanks to my Mom and Don for a wonderful trip! I don't know when we will be able to fly the whole family down to California, so it was nice to get to see everyone, even if it was so quick!
Missing all of our friends and having to constantly remind myself and Mark why we love Portland! Here are a few of the reminders: