Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sarah's 6 months old!

Happy 6 month Birthday little lady!

At Dr. Joel's Clinic yesterday - weighed 17.9 lbs, 26.9 inches long.
Here she is getting her head measured - she started crying - had no idea of what was to come - shots! Poor little bugger, this time Daddy was there to help hold her while I looked away and Dr. Joel gave her the shots.
We love our Pediatrician - he doesn't have a Nurse so he does everything himself- crazy! He also spends 1 hour with us for every well visit.

Our attempt at getting a 6 month picture!

Don't even think about making me look at the camera and smile!

No, I won't do it!

I am so out of here...

Wait, did I hear the camera back on again, I must try to crawl to it!

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