Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fun times

Enjoying brownie mix!

A quick (long awaited) visit with the Schroeder family! A longer visit to come in May, can't wait!
Baby Wes - 8 months, he is a LADY KILLER!!
Sweet girls!
The whole gang!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Our 1 week of spring break just flew by! Things we did, not in any particular order:
played in the park, lots of hide and seek
went swimming
rode bikes
played in the dirt
made peanut butter cookies - cooked them a bit long but the kids enjoyed making them!
went skiing
visited the zoo
splashed in puddles - quite a few today without our boots - oops!
stayed up past our bedtimes
slept in - well until 7 am
listened to some live music in a coffee shop (kids music - Mr. Ben - highly recommend him at Posies cafe).
traded in some of the kids' treasures for some different treasures - at the resale shop
and that's about it, I think!

Jakob and Sarah at the Mr. Ben show - Sarah is trying to get Jakob to dance with her!
Sarah in a puddle at the park by the Hillsboro library
Sarah having fun in the walking tunnel - loved the echo!

Jakob, riding around the pond, he's a real pro on his 2 wheels now!
"It's too sunny to look at you!" I wish he would understand how lucky we are to have this sun during our break!! It snowed 3 years ago during spring break!
I should mention - Sarah dressed herself today!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2nd ski trip, this time with Mommy!

It's spring break and we actually are having spring weather, sunny and 70 today in Portland, about 60 at Mt. Hood today!
Jakob and I took a trip to Mt. Hood Meadows with his buddy Ian and his Mom, Julie.

Jakob worked on his turning and stopping skills, he is really sure of himself, I was quite the proud Mama!!
Julie and Ian (snowboard) and Jakob up ahead.

The Mt. Hood Meadows bunny hill conquerers!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sugar and Spice...

Here she is, new Hello Kitty toothbrush and, in her "piggy tails PEEEAASSSSSEEEE, like dorfy, wifard oth, MOMMMEEEE!" (Dorothy from Wizard of Oz). Yes we watched The Wizard of Oz, and both the kids loved it- fast forwarded thru scarier scenes. Sarah loves Dorothy, the Lion and Toto. Of course she loves her little red dress up shoes even more now!

Yes, sugar and spice, attacking her brother. I actually had to tell her to get off of him and she said, "NO I wrestle!" What are we going to do with this girl!

Here she is taking a "break" aka a time out, at a restaurant on Sunday night. Doesn't she seem like an angel! If only I had captured her entire outfit, she had her dress shoes on and her purse with her, it was hysterical. Her dress shoes are too big so she shuffles like an old lady, people in the restaurant were giggling, it was great! She is a character!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend - again with the early spring weather - loving it!

Just for the California folk, who don't get to enjoy these amazing blossoms like we do in the Northwest - seriously they are GORGEOUS right now!Saturday morning at April Hill park...

Warming up in the "Shunshine", a tired little girl, "Nappytime for Sarah!"

Saturday afternoon, hiking at Tryon Creek with the Brink crew!
Can you guess what she might be saying?
Uh huh, Mr. MISCHIEF!!

Sunday we hung around the house in the morning, both kids have a pretty good cold going on, we did get out a little bit to play tennis and ride bikes and for an early evening park visit(after their cold medicine induced 3 hour naps).

Sarah, attempting to ride the tricycle, mostly she likes the fashionable accessory - the Elmo helmet - and to be pushed around on the "TRIKE!!!"

Monday, March 1, 2010

Visit with the Procks...

Josh, Carla, Boone (6 years) and Brody (almost 4 years) came to visit us this weekend, we haven't been together in over a year, it was fantastic! I know Jakob doesn't remember Boone and Brody, but has seen pics of them as little guys playing and knows they are like family to us, so there wasn't a moment of shyness amongst any of the kids - gotta love that! The boys all played together so nicely, they are all really into dinosaurs and castles w/Boone being the most mature and steady leader, keeping the play on track! The boys went to see "Walking With The Dinosaurs" on Saturday night, and LOVED it, they were little chatter boxes when they came home - and were awake until 10:30!! Jakob recounted every little detail of the show and how big/small/loud etc each dinosaur really was. I highly recommend the show for any kid that likes dinosaurs (I didn't even get to see it, Mark too him, but Mark really enjoyed it too).
Sunday morning we hiked quite aways to the bakery and back, hung out at the house, the boys played by themselves (sooooo great) and the parents hung out, watched the Olympics and relaxed. Really a great weekend!! Thanks to the Procks for coming out here, we owe you a visit out there!!

Of course, Sarah LOVES Josh, who doesn't, but seriously Sarah was all over him - he's a pretty great guy and Sarah usually gets super crazy around the good ones!! Look out Carla!
Boys, pj's and toys!
Boys and their sticks
Can you say "Mischief"!!
Brody is wearing his "King's crown" that his brother made him.

Sarah thinking, "I need that toy in the window!"