Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Our 1 week of spring break just flew by! Things we did, not in any particular order:
played in the park, lots of hide and seek
went swimming
rode bikes
played in the dirt
made peanut butter cookies - cooked them a bit long but the kids enjoyed making them!
went skiing
visited the zoo
splashed in puddles - quite a few today without our boots - oops!
stayed up past our bedtimes
slept in - well until 7 am
listened to some live music in a coffee shop (kids music - Mr. Ben - highly recommend him at Posies cafe).
traded in some of the kids' treasures for some different treasures - at the resale shop
and that's about it, I think!

Jakob and Sarah at the Mr. Ben show - Sarah is trying to get Jakob to dance with her!
Sarah in a puddle at the park by the Hillsboro library
Sarah having fun in the walking tunnel - loved the echo!

Jakob, riding around the pond, he's a real pro on his 2 wheels now!
"It's too sunny to look at you!" I wish he would understand how lucky we are to have this sun during our break!! It snowed 3 years ago during spring break!
I should mention - Sarah dressed herself today!

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