Monday, May 17, 2010

A nice Saturday

Nice weather in May, a visit to the Sellwood park and a picnic in the backyard of good friends!

Jakob leading the way on his scooter, Sarah saying "WAIT brada fo me!"

Sarah showing her newest skill, hanging upside down on anything, with feet above her head, while the merry go round is moving! Seriously nauseating to watch!

My best Mom moment, Sarah yelling to get her unstuck from the slide, I told her to wait so that I could get the camera! Maybe I shouldn't have had that 2nd margarita (we were at a friends house now, not in a public park)! I'm pretty sure you can see how she felt about that!
Little kids table!

Jakob (super cheeser face) and his girlie, Kaedyn, hanging in the hammock!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Happy Mother's Day Mama, Happy Birfday too"

This is what Sarah so sweetly said to me as she helped herself to my breakfast in bed!! Jakob said, "Mommy isn't this the best Mother's Day for you, I didn't wake you up, you get a yummy breakfast in bed, I'm cleaning up your dishes and we are going to eat donuts and go to the park!!" Sounds like it was pretty exciting for him too!
We did just that, we ate donuts from my favorite little Gelato shop in our old neighborhood, they also make the best homemade donuts, I love the chocolate ginger! Jakob had the "Prince of Darkness" (chocolate donut/chocolate sprinkles/frosting), Sarah had the "Fairy Princess" or to her "the pink one".

We headed to the Sellwood park, it seriously was too hot to go to the park the kids wanted too, no shade and my body is not ready for this weather yet!!
The constant challenging/fighting between these kids (as you can see below), didn't stop even in honor of Mother's Day! AAH!

An attempt a nice pic with both kids...

Thanks to my wild kids for letting me be their Mom, it's seriously endless work, but it is so worth it to see their sweet, caring, goofy, smiling faces everyday!
And thanks to their Daddy for the wonderful present (letting me sleep in, breakfast, dishes done, house straightened up and a gift cert. for a manicure!), you are SO wonderful!
Oh and thanks for letting me have a break, on Mother's Day no less, away from the kids and out shopping with Amber, it was a fantastic break!
A special thanks to my Mom and My Grandma for always giving me an amazing example of how to be a loving, strong, kind and a caring Mother.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Overheard the kids saying....

Sarah crying in bed, "The clock is clocking Mommy...does that scare you?"
I think we know who was scared there.

Jakob this morning, "Mommy is Mother's Day about Moms loving their kids or only about the Moms?"
I think he was trying to get at that he wants a gift to. I informed him that Moms always love their kids but Mother's day is a day to celebrate Mothers, by giving us presents and things!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sequim 2010

Once again we had an amazing trip to Sequim to see the Schroeder family! Lots of fun on the farm, lots of firsts for both kids including holding a chicken, getting to find a fresh egg, holding a garter snake, finding crabs, oh and shooting a BB gun!
Parents had fun talking, drinking and relaxing! Wishing we could have stayed a lot longer, Jakob was really sad to leave, as was I. To have that connection with friends where you can just be, is so special. Thank you Wen, Joe, Abs and Wes!

Sarah getting up close and personal with the cows, she was given quite the lick by the cow in the background!
The whole gang!
Abby helping Jakob pick up a hen!
Shooting a BB gun, in pj's no less! Can't get any better than that when you're a boy and 5 years old!
The gang watching Jakob ride Willow.
Wes's first ride!!
Sarah feeding the goats - only to get head butted a few minutes later, "Ouch GOOOATT".
Bald Eagle flying overhead!
Jakob and Abs, finding TONS of little crabs!
Abby found this little guy!