Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finally a nice weekend in Portland!

I know, I know, April showers bring May flowers, but seriously it's been pretty gloomy around here. But, this weekend we had 2 very nice days - about 70 degrees and sunny. So, we (Mark) mowed the lawns, we went on a few walks, had drinks at our local mexican restaurant on the patio with the Brink family, took the kids to the Sellwood park for some fun, broke out the short sleeved shirts, capri's, shorts, sandals, a bonnet for Sarah, Jakob's skateboard, and sidewalk chalk. Here's to summer being around the corner!

Umm - might need some new skateboarding shoes! Jakob wears these to school and uses them as his play/tricycle brakes shoes! They have seen better days! (We did buy him some flip flop sandals today and he had no idea how to walk in them - it was really hysterical, he was walking kind of like a penguin - hopefully he'll get used to them!)

Ended the weekend with a nice tubby!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dance Party part 2

So, Mark went to his indoor soccer game tonight (8 pm, didn't take the kids, again- not bitter about having to stay home 2 nights in a row with 2 kids - oh no) and Jakob announced around 8:30 "I want to have another dance party but to some faster music!" So, we danced to some music from our wedding cd - Weezer's "Island in the Sun" and then "Bubble Toes" and of course, "You Look Like Gold". Jakob likes "Bubble Toes" because I told him that he and I and now Sarah all have bubble toes. While dancing to this sweet song, he started to hold Sarah's hands and sing it to her - I totally started tearing up! Then, when "You Look Like Gold" came on (most of you who know me, know this is my most favorite song), he started singing it to Sarah - OMG - I almost fell over in a teary eyed heap! So Sweet!! Seriously one of my most favorite moments as a parent, ( I started crying again just telling Mark about it!)
The teary eyes dried up quickly, after Jakob threw a tantrum, when I told him this was the last song in our dance party and it was time for bed - back to reality for all of us!
Oh - I also told Jakob that when he was in my tummy I saw Ben Harper and heard him play "You Look Like Gold" and he said "Yeah but I still like Jack Johnson better...but this is a good song too Mommy." I told him I also saw Ben Harper play the song when Sarah was in my tummy too and he replied "Yeah, but I don't remember that." Too cute!

Dance Party

Last night Mark had a soccer game, (it was too cold and rainy for the family to go) so while Sarah took a nap, Jakob said he wanted to "dance and show me his new, super cool moves!" So, we had what I call a "Dance Party", where we dance like crazy for about 5 minutes. Jakob wanted to "shake it" to Jack Johnson - not that easy to go crazy to - but we managed! So, Jakob's new moves (that he must have learned at school) are basically, standing with his feet still and shaking his bottom like crazy, while swinging his arms - really cute - then he ends that with some kind of a flip. I wish I could have videotaped him - but when the video camera comes out, he dosn't dance as well. He's getting better at dancing, I think he might take after his Mom in that department - let's hope! I love our dance party nights!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Troublesome Trio + 1

The DangVu family just left today after staying a week with us! We had a crazy time with a lot of laughs, a lot of wrestling, lots of screams, a lot of time outs, but overall a great time with family! Sam is 5 1/2 and Ben turned 3 while he was here! The 3 boys are a troublesome trio and we now have a little lady to add to that trio. Sarah really enjoyed watching them - hopefully she studied them closely to figure out how to play with the 3 of them, while managing to stay out of trouble! (Sarah turned 12 weeks while they were here.)

We did a lot while they were here, Children's Museum, OMSI, hiking, Cannon Beach, and lots of walks to the parks (even in the rain/mud).

3 handsome boys!

The adoring boys

Riding on Uncle Pete

Cutie Pie cousins!! Sam really liked Sarah - sooooo cute!

Cannon Beach - Sarah's first trip to the beach!

Tide Pools at Haystack Rock - some seriously wet pants here!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Back to Work

Well the dreaded day came, back to work today! I will be working 3 days a week until June, and then 4 days when I start back in August. Not too bad. Amber is taking care of Sarah for us - which is AWESOME - we couldn't ask for anything better! We will need to find a place for Sarah in August, as Amber will need a real job and will hopefully be back in school!
This morning actually went smooth, Sarah was up at 3 am to nurse then back up at 6am - nursed her then hopped in the shower. Mark got Jakob and Sarah ready and Amber came over just after I left! I shed some tears, just thinking about the fact that I even have to leave her makes me sad - even though I know she is in great hands - it hurts my heart to think I have to leave her at such a young age. I was so lucky to be able to stay home with Jakob. Anyhow, I walked outside and it was sunny, turned the car on and Jack Johnson was on the radio and on the way to work there wasn't any traffic - I took that all as a sign that everything was OK!
I arrived at work at 7:40 am, and my co-workers - who always get there before me - were waiting for me in my cubicle, they put up a sign that says "Welcome Back Jess" - so nice! My mom left me a message on my work voice mail at 6:50 am, wishing me a great day - even better! So, going back to work wasn't too bad! I was able to pump at work pretty easily - I brought a curtain rod and a sarong to hang up to use as a privacy screen - which worked out just fine - plus, I work with almost all women next to me who all have had to pump at work - so I was pretty comfortable. Sarah did well with Amber, drank her Mommy's milk bottles just fine and gave lots of smiles.
Now, we just have to get into the busy routine of coming home from work, making dinner, getting the pump supplies ready/bottles ready for the next day, washing dishes, nursing Sarah 3-4 times, getting Jakob ready for bed (sans bathing usually - just a wipe down), reading stories to Jakob, getting clothes ready for myself for the next day, making lunches, do a load of laundry (newborns require a lot of laundry- you know!) and then maybe a few minutes of rest on the computer or in front of the TV!! GEEZ, I'm tired just typing that! Anyhow, if we didn't have to pay bills and didn't require health benefits - I don't think I would work - but with kids who require MD visits, student loans, rent, and the need to feed a family we both need to work! So, off to work we go with our best foot forward, a few tears shed - all while knowing that we are doing the best for our family right now and in the back of our minds wondering why we weren't born into a family with a trust fund!!