Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dance Party part 2

So, Mark went to his indoor soccer game tonight (8 pm, didn't take the kids, again- not bitter about having to stay home 2 nights in a row with 2 kids - oh no) and Jakob announced around 8:30 "I want to have another dance party but to some faster music!" So, we danced to some music from our wedding cd - Weezer's "Island in the Sun" and then "Bubble Toes" and of course, "You Look Like Gold". Jakob likes "Bubble Toes" because I told him that he and I and now Sarah all have bubble toes. While dancing to this sweet song, he started to hold Sarah's hands and sing it to her - I totally started tearing up! Then, when "You Look Like Gold" came on (most of you who know me, know this is my most favorite song), he started singing it to Sarah - OMG - I almost fell over in a teary eyed heap! So Sweet!! Seriously one of my most favorite moments as a parent, ( I started crying again just telling Mark about it!)
The teary eyes dried up quickly, after Jakob threw a tantrum, when I told him this was the last song in our dance party and it was time for bed - back to reality for all of us!
Oh - I also told Jakob that when he was in my tummy I saw Ben Harper and heard him play "You Look Like Gold" and he said "Yeah but I still like Jack Johnson better...but this is a good song too Mommy." I told him I also saw Ben Harper play the song when Sarah was in my tummy too and he replied "Yeah, but I don't remember that." Too cute!

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