Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jakob Funnies

On Friday, Mark took Jakob to the Pediatrician b/c he was peeing a lot during the day, so I wanted him to be checked - the highlight of the visit "I pee'd in the cup Mommy, Daddy held it and I pee'd in it!" Turns out everything was fine.

Today in the car
J :"What does Men mean?"
Me: "Men, means 2 or more boys who are grown up."
J: "Oh, like I will be a man and Daddy is a man?"
Me: "Yep, together you are men."
J:"Yeah and we will do what men do."
Me: "Oh really, like what?"
J: "Like the man stuff. Work on the computer (Daddy and I can share the computer), wash dishes, cook, and tough stuff." (I am thinking, that's darn right!)
Me: "Tough stuff, like protecting women? Or maybe work on cars, fight fires?"
J:" Yeah, but why do we have to protect girls?"
Me, quickly thinking and not wanting him to think women are weaker by any means "Well, sometimes girls get scared at things and like to have someone to protect them."
J:"Oh, yeah, like Sarah if she sees something scary, right?"
Me: "Yep, but remember that women can do what men do right, we are equal"
J: "Yep, that means we are the same, equal."

Tonight in bed
Me: "What are you going to dream about tonight?"
J (usually comes up with something fun to dream about): "I don't know, the videotape hasn't been made yet?"
Me: "What videotape?"
J: "The videotape in my head, that has my dreams on it. Sometimes I have bad videos, like the dragon eating the person video. Or, sometimes they are good like the George (Curious George) and funny."
Me: "Oh, well let's press the erase button in your brain on all the bad videos."
J: "I don't know where my erase button is."
Me: "Oh, it's in your brain, press on your forehead and say "erase" and then it's gone."
J: "Oh, okay. I think I should dream about George and have that videotape in my head tonight. Now can we say our prayers?"

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