Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I was pretty down yesterday, had a bad morning, super stressed at work, started crying - at work - and to add to the day Sarah cried when I dropped her off and picked her up at daycare, and was just pretty hormonal for a lack of better words, today was a much better day! And, it was my Birthday, so I had to cheer up a bit.

And, Mark got me this...

A super cute, powder blue Diamondback bike for my Birthday! I was shocked! I even have a matching helmet - feel like a total dork in the helmet, but gotta be the good example! Now, we just need to work on getting the Daddy a bike and a baby seat and we're good to go.
Had a nice birthday, breakfast from my co-workers - super sweet - and Thai for dinner. Hanging out with some friends tomorrow and possibly a night out next week when our Ol' Trusty Auntie Amber is back in town!
Oh, and Sarah stood up for 2-3 seconds by herself tonight - not holding on to anything - so a pretty eventful birthday!
Thanks for all the cards and phone calls, I was so busy tonight and on the phone a lot that I didn't get to call everyone back!!
Lots of love to my peeps!


Carla said...

Papaya Thai? So Jealous, we had Mc'Ds since J was playing golf in Hillsboro. Good luck on the bike - I asked Josh to get mine down and cleaned up a few weeks ago but...still hanging from the garage ceiling.

Hope you have an awesome Birthday weekend!

Bexy said...

Happy Birthday Jess! I'm glad the day ended so well, and I hope you get the chance to celebrate more this weekend!


-a said...

Happy Birthday!!!! You look adorable with your helmet on!! Just be glad you don't have a huge pole with an orange flag connected to your seat. =) And you need to call Erika and let her give you a deserve it!! Love you xxoxo

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday sweetie girl. That bike seriously rocks! and the helmet, too. I can't believe Sarah stood on her own.... Hope you have a great weekend.