Monday, December 8, 2008

Since my last post...

We (Mark, Sarah and I) went to Bellevue, Wa., for Mark's work Xmas party. Jakob stayed home with Amber, and had a great time, watching Sleeping Beauty, eating Mac and Cheese, going to Gelato and playing games - Auntie Amby (or Ambybebe as Jakob says) is the best!!

The party was nice, there was another baby there - 10 days older than Sarah - her name is Finnley and she is a doll, not walking yet, her parents don't know what work is yet!!!
Sarah started into separation anxiety this week, so she was not going to be held by any of the adults. Sarah slept in a hotel for the first time, and did just fine. She really enjoyed the full length closet mirrors and easy access to the remote/TV and toilet paper in the bathroom - as you will see in the following pictures!
We have been enjoying the Christmas lights in our neighborhood, taking walks in the evenings to see them. We have a huge Christmas tree in our neighborhood, that overlooks the city - I need to take a picture of it - it's one of my favorite things about living in this neighborhood. Last night Jakob said "This is sooooo fun Mommy, I love looking at the lights."
Pretty girl in the mirror

Showing off her toilet paper loot

Sarah and Finnley ( the only picture I have of the 2 of them)

Toilet paper thief (note she carries her "snuggie" everywhere with her - she's like Linus)

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