Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is it over already?

We had a very quiet Christmas with about 15 inches of snow on our front lawn - couldn't believe it! Actually it was melting on Christmas, but on Xmas Eve there was quite a bit. We spent Xmas Eve building a snowman, playing, opening a few presents and out to dinner with the Brink family. 
We woke up to both kids in bed with us, not by choice, but by necessity and because that's just become comfortable in our house! When Jakob woke up, he said, "I have to go potty," as he jumped out of bed - and started to run to the bathroom, we heard his steps abruptly stop as he entered the living room, he ran back into the bedroom and having forgotten it was Christmas he announced "Santa was here and he even brought me presents even if I've been pouting" (we've been battleing/ working on the pouting). Sarah woke up, started laughing, Jakob ran to go potty, came back into bed, played with Sarah a bit and then got down to business and went right for the stockings. I quickly wrote a note from Santa to Jakob and Sarah - basically stating that Santa thought that they deserved gifts because they were good, thought about others, but did remind them that he doesn't like the pouting - Jakob really understood that then!

I would have to say that my favorite part of the whole day was hearing Jakob's feet running and then stopping so quickly - him not saying anything until he ran back into the room - so sweet - I can only imagine the excitement he must have been feeling. Later in the morning Jakob did say that he heard Santa's jingle bells and that he was sure he heard him land the sleigh on our lawn.  Oh, on Xmas Eve, Jakob did look out the window to tell me that he saw Santa flying over, but he wasn't going to stop until he was asleep, of course I agreed. Jakob got a lot of great presents, including a super cool space/planet mobile, an X Wing Fighter, a little R2D2 computer and a lot of other cool games, clothes etc.
Sarah's first Christmas was mostly about her tearing paper, eating paper and taking Jakob's gifts out of his hands - lots of fun for her. She did get a lot of wonderful gifts, she loved her Curious George doll - she tried endlessly to kiss it before he was out of the box. She also got a ride on toy from us, which she likes and likes to ride backwards. She also got this great Sesame Street pop up toy, each character sings a bit of a song and she thinks Ernie is hysterical, because he laughs at the end of his song. The whole family can recite each little song now - we've heard it so often! 
We all stayed in our pj's until about 2:30 or 3pm, then went on a walk in the snow, pulling Jakob on the sled, Sarah in the backpack. Came home and ate homemade Mac n' cheese (not the boxed stuff, I can cook a little), had a couple glasses of wine and fell asleep early (I am speaking for myself here)!
Oh, just to catch up a bit from my last posting, we did make it to the homeless shelter - after shoveling the driveway yet again - I actually shoveled quite a bit while Mark took Jakob sledding with his friend Asher, then Mark shoveled some more - we donated our coats and our little gifts for a couple kids. We also made a visit (Jakob and I), to a neighbor (a senior citizen) whom I helped after he fell and fractured his skull and nose on the concrete - Jakob and Sarah were there when I yelled for a neighbor to call 911 and waited patiently in their stroller while we sat with him, trying to keep the bloody mess hidden from the kids - so Jakob understood that it was important that we go check on him - long story short - we also brought him and his wife cookies. Good deeds accomplished for the holiday season!

Christmas Eve - Mark and Jakob working on building the snowman

Jakob and Sarah with the snowman.
Our attempt at a family photo with Frosty in the background.

After Christmas Eve dinner, opening gifts - Sarah and her new Curious George doll. 
Trying to kiss it!
Jakob's note to Santa with cookies and carrots for Santa and the reindeer.

Christmas morning - serious bed head!
Let the opening begin!
The X Wing!
Sarah, trying to figure out her new ride on toy!

I'm sad to see Christmas over, we put our tree up just after Thanksgiving and the time has flown by. Sarah's first Christmas gone, already? This means Sarah will be 1 year in a few weeks - what?
Wendy - tagged me on her blog, asking what are the things I like and don't like about Christmas - I love Christmas for the decorations, the feeling of giving, the cold weather, the cuddling up and reading Christmas stories, the Christmas movies, and the true belief and excitement that kids feel! I even like the shopping part, well most of the time, there are a few people that are always hard to buy for and I don't like having to ship our gifts, I hate the packing and waiting in line at the post office. Some of our gifts haven't even been sent yet b/c the mail service was down for 3 days here and I haven't felt like waiting in line with 2 kids, and walking there in the snow!
Anyhow, I like the teaching part of Christmas too, or the meaning of Christmas, in our family, we aren't religious but we do want to teach the basics of Christmas. So, for us it is about giving, peace, love and Jesus's birthday or as Jakob put it, "Baby Geniuses Birthday" - yep, he said that, at Target 2 days ago - when he pointed out some angel ornamaments and said, "You know who are the nicest people Mommy? Angels, they are so good, and baby Genius, he was also nice." I about died! Another Mom was next to us and she just started giggling. So, I think Jakob is getting the basics of what Christmas means to us.

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