Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sarah is 6 weeks old!

Sarah will be six weeks old tomorrow. She is changing so quickly, she's getting so big and has actually outgrown a few newborn outfits. I have taken to calling her "My polka dot", "My purple polka dot (related to a purple polka dot outfit), "Pretty in Pink" and "Coocoocachoo" - random. Mark calls her "Sweets or "Sweet girl". She is so sweet and really likes Jakob, she smiles at him all the time and totally relaxes around him. You can tell already from her little coos that she is a girl, she has a total girl voice.
She has started wanting to stand - which makes for a lot of spit up. She likes her Baby Einstein gym and smiles at the star and the stuffed animals all the time. She coos a lot when she is on the changing table too - she likes a clean diaper - I guess. She still isn't sleeping that well at night - but that's to be expected. We have started putting her in the "g" diapers and they are working well, just using them at home right now. These diapers are an alternative to a cloth diaper but are environmentally friendly as the insert/pad biodegrades in 50 days and can even be flushed or composted. They come in super cute colors - they are a bit bulky but work great. Sarah has taken to finally relaxing in the bathtub, likes the water on her tummy. Lastly, we are in the middle of a battle with baby acne and cradle cap - oh the joys!

Standing Girl!


g Diapers

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Carla said...

Love that bright red diaper cover! At least her bulk is stylish!