Thursday, February 28, 2008

Acts of Kindness

My best friend from childhood (we met when we were 5), Aubrey, just flew back home to Fresno, CA after being here for a week. Aubrey gave us the most wonderful gift - the gift of kindness and total selflessness. She flew up here, left her husband and almost 2 year old little love (Zack) at home, in order to help us out with our transition into parenting 2 kids! How awesome is that! I had the best week ever with her. It was just so wonderful to have someone to sit and drink coffee with every morning and gossip about life, parenting, love and random things with. We had late nights of conversation and laughter and lots of days filled with serious belly laughs - like the day she watched me try to squeeze into a size too small pant or a top that shows off way too much nursing cleavage - it's good to have a friend in the dressing room to tell you that your pants are too tight or your shirt is too low, or that something is a bit "mommish" - keeps you grounded - that's for sure! Aubrey, cooked the most amazing meals while she was here and taught me a bit about meal planning, while sharing new recipes - love that! We did partake in some wonderful food and drink together - not the low fat kind either, while Aubs was here too - as that is a ritual for women when they get together!
Aubs is a great parent herself and took on both kids so that Mark and I could go out to dinner - we didn't make it to the movie that we planned on going to - a bit too tired! Jakob developed a bit of a crush on Aubrey - this was evident by him telling his buddy Ian to "Look at Aubrey!" (with a big smile on his face) instead of "This is my friend Aubrey". Aubrey played soccer with Mark and his team one day, she even kicked some of the guys butts - or so I hear! Aubrey got to experience our oh so luxurious Volvo and all of it's amenities - like the door handles that don't work- we all had a great laugh at Mark trying to fit in the back of the Volvo with the 2 car seats on each side!
Aubrey is planning on trying for a girl with her next pregnancy and may have just got pregnant by taking care of Sarah - Aubs has some serious motherly instincts kicking in!! We will cross our fingers for that little girl.
While Aubrey was up here giving us all her selfless acts of kindness - the kindness continued around the world. The day Aubs flew in, her son got a pea stuck in his nose (as you do when you're an almost 2 year old boy)- Aubrey's boss (a Vet) so kindly removed it, instead of them having to take him to the Pediatrician. Aubrey's husband Danny, was on his own with Zack for a few days and was invited to eat dinner with neighbors - which Aubrey was happy about as they wouldn't be eating pizza or fast food. And, Aubrey's Mom, Christi, continued to spoil Zack and took him overnight one night, so Danny could rest by himself! So, the acts kindness continue! Oh- Danny did come to realize how important Aubrey is as a Mother and Wife, while she was gone - this was probably the best thing to happen for her while she was away - right ladies!!!

I have always known this, but it became very clear to me how important it is to have friends that you can trust to see you and your family in not the best light and actually want to stay with you - while we all are a bit cranky and testy from lack of sleep etc. It is so important to have a good friend that doesn't judge you one bit about your cranky attitude, your pudgy body, your small and a bit unmanaged house, your cars that are breaking down and/or anything else that might not be perfect.
We do have the most perfect friends though!!
Anyhow, I had a wonderful week with a great friend. I can not wait to return the favor!!! Aubrey and family - thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts May the kindness continue!

Aubrey and Sarah

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Amber said...

Horray for Aubrey!!!

And she makes a mean alfredo and tells wicked funny stories.

I'm glad you were able to get some 24-7 support, Jess. It must be hard to be expanding the family so far away from most of your support system.

I can't believe how different Sarah looks even from Sunday. Weird.