Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Visit with the cousins!!

Sam and Ben (and their awesome parents) came to visit us for their spring break - which included Easter and Ben's 5th Birthday! It was quite the week! I had to work so Auntie Ang was on duty for most of the week - and she kept those kids busy! Hiking, roller skating, trips to the library, treasure hunting (geocaching - which Jakob LOVES), swimming, OMSI, the Children's museum (she did this by herself with all 4 kids - she's a miracle worker!) and many other activities! I know that Jakob and Sarah had a blast with Sam and Ben, Jakob was crying when they left, and Sarah still asks where they are everytime she gets out of bed! We are so lucky to have such a fun family who is willing to fly up to Portland in spring - talk about rainy weather!!

Not sure when this was taken, but I had to put it in, Sarah is a hot mess here, not sure where she is coming from or where she is going, but she's ready with dress shoes and her cell phone!
Dying Easter eggs! Sarah managed to crush a few and get her hands dyed some horrific looking pink color that stayed for days, but a good time was had by all!
Ben working hard on his blue egg! He was very patient.
Serious work with Auntie Ang!
Hiking boys!
Sarah, crazy girl, dancing with her 3 D glasses on! Why wouldn't you do this?!
Ben's 5th birthday!
Look at those cutie pie lips!
3 musketeers!
An attempt at a group photo!! Of course the 2 year old is on the move!
A visit to the park, Sarah is showing off her, "I'm a real monkey man ," move, where she hangs on anything she can!
The whole gang!!!

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