Monday, April 19, 2010

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, can't live with her and you can't live without her!

So, we were woken up by Sarah screaming last night, around 2 am, after I tried to calm her down a few times, I finally kicked Mark out of bed to check on her. Well, he turned on the lights (umm, I never turn on the lights, that's a no no, but this time it worked in our favor), because Ms. Sarah had her hair stuck to her blanket with silly putty!! I don't know how she smuggled it into her bed, but she did. After a bit of yelling between Mark and I, on who let her into the crib with silly putty (neither of us would let her in with that of course, but I put her to bed, so I'm the culprit of not checking her sneaky little hands), a quick decision with foggy minds was made to cut her hair. Luckily it was a chunk from the backside of her head and underneath! Not really noticeable.

Here is the chunk attached to the silly putty, it looks gross, I know, but I'm so somehow going to use this as bribery in the future!

Upon waking up, what are Sarah's first words, "I WANT my silly putty", umm, I don't think so!!!
Mark took this picture after I left for work - Sarah in all her glory - seriously how can we live without her!!

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