Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Artquake 2010

The kids had their spring performance at preschool, this year the dance was of the hip hop genre - a routine to one of Mark's favorites - RUN DMC - in fact Mark performed his 6th grade talent show to one of their songs or should I say "beats".

The show started with each kid having a turn with Karaoke, Jakob sang the ABC's in Espanol. Other songs that were sung included, "Take me out to the ball game", "A spoon full of sugar", "Peter Cotton tail", an "ABC rap", "Twinkle Twinkle" and many other favorites!! Nicholas also did a ukulele performance and an alumni of Alder Street, Noah (7) came and played the piano.
All the kids were fantastic (minus Sarah's nutball behavior), we are so lucky to have found Alder Street Learning Center, they are like family to us and they really are wonderful with the kids.

I didn't get many pics that aren't blurry, the kids were moving so fast!
Here's Jakob and his much more confident version of the ABC's in Espanol - he also sang this in the fall and was a bit quieter and faster.

Here is Jakob in his "dance battle" with Nicholas!

Sarah didn't want to sing or dance, she was being ummmm, very TWO!

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Dexter said...

the dance off is awesome! he's got some sweet moves!