Monday, January 18, 2010


Sarah has received some wonderful presents but her favorites aren't what you might think:
Chap stick - yes, it's her own, so that is very special. Also, I would say the ice pack my Mom sent, really is the winner, she is obsessed with ice packs and having her own is very special (it's pink with a girl character on it). Tonight she went to bed with the ice pack and said "Mine own ice pack...Nana bought it." I don't have picture of her with it, of course!

A little bit of coaching on how to actually apply chap stick helped!
Sarah in her new dress from Amber, it's big but Sarah loves it, she had to wear it as soon as we got home from dinner, and slept in it, and wore it today! Here she is taking care of her babies in her new dress.
Went to the pool tonight, one of Sarah's favorite things to do! Gramma sent her the cutest robe, and she absolutely loved wearing it! Here she is striking a pose in it!
Cutie pie in the pool!

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