Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010, and a few pics I had to post!

Sarah's new swimsuit! What a bathing beauty!
My wacky daughter, this is where she usually is when I am cooking - on the counter, no socks in the FREEZING cold dining room that we have! Yes she is holding a yogurt container and an ice scraper - totally random, but apparently really fun!

Jakob and Papa building his first real project with his "real tools", a bird house. Jakob is serious about safety - notice the hat and goggles for the project that required a screw driver and maybe a bit of hammering!!

The finished product!
New Year's (Rock Band) Eve at Amber and Josh's place!
Amber and Josh - cutie pies!
And the happy parents, who were able to stay up past midnight, go out to dinner, and a couple bars downtown, and end the night with a bit of Rock Band ! Thanks to Nana and Papa and Amber and Josh for all of it!
Happy 2010!!
Here's to a life with great friends and family, wherever they might be, kids using the potty appropriately, less tantrums, organization, and to more PATIENCE from myself and my significant others in my life (one can dream). HOPE for maturity for the boys in my life (one of which will enter Kindergarten in 2010!), for an upswing in the economy - hopefully to include a house in Portland for us and maybe other family members - you know who you are. And to DETERMINATION for a Mom who will learn to cook tastier, quicker recipes, will read more, and complain less, and of course for LOTS of LAUGHTER!

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