Sunday, January 17, 2010

My baby is 2 - really?

Who would have ever guessed she was 2, not by the screaming, the multiple tantrums, her favorite word being "NO" or "NO FANK YOU", her whole world that revolves around her bowels, the ME TRY IT" or "MINE" that is constantly coming out of her mouth - seriously how would anyone ever know she was 2!!?
Well she is, and besides all the obvious signs, she is quite the funny girl, she has an infectious laugh and seriously laughs at anything or says "I happy...he's a funny guy...silly Papa, Mama, Brada, Daddy etc." She has a very slight way of making you do things for her, something about a head tilt and a sweet smile that puts you in a trance. She loves her babies, and now has them labeled as "Teeny Baby, Big Baby, and Make a Noise Baby (she cries)", they go everywhere with her, including the public pool(even down the waterslide - today a woman at the pool said to me, "She is going to be a very protective or adventurous mother, taking that babydoll down the slide!" - yep I'm sure of that). She loves her "Brada or Jeebub" (Brother or Jakob), he helps her with everything and or makes her life a living hell, somehow she still needs him around, asks for him constantly and does whatever he does (which is helpful when broccoli needs to be eaten, but not so helpful when there is say, screaming or throwing involved). She loves dresses and pretty much refuses to wear anything that isn't a dress, she especially loves fleece, so the fleece dresses Nana bought her are a very popular item right now (Tozy aka Cozy dresses), she wants to dress herself and would rather not wear shoes or socks, even in the pouring rain in Portland, in fact she went to preschool on Thursday wearing one sock, because she refused to put the other on, a battle I wasn't willing to fight. She hates her hair combed, so it's usually in her face, the right side in a matted clump (with snot or food or both). The girl LOVES her food, she eats until she explodes, literally she did vomit the other night at the table (I think she choked on pear). Oh and she is a water baby, loves to swim, but on her own terms, do not try to carry her in the water, she needs to walk everywhere by herself, even if it means walking into the deep end and going under, she might want you to rescue her, but only for a second.
She adores anything musical, or anything with a tutu, she calls some of her dresses "Baaaalareeena dress". She is obsessed with the Wiggles and loves "Samalam" or Sam from the Wiggles. She knows most of their moves and beams when she gets to "Watch Wikkles"!
She still needs to be wrapped in her "nuggie new" or her snuggie blanket at night, it's getting so small for her body, it just fits on her if she sleeps with her bum in the air, which is how she normally falls asleep! She is a cuddle bug and loves to be held "Mama hold you" is what I hear all the time. She is viscious though about sharing Mommy, look out kids, including her brother, because Sarah will fight you for her Mommy, "NOOOOO my Mommy!".
I think that's the basics of my sweet, and very determined baby girl! Happy Birthday Sarah or "Happy Bifday tooo you" as she sang to herself!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl, You are amazing!

Oh and just a side note for posterity and my memory:
Mark was in Omaha (for Emily's wedding)over the weekend, so no pic of her today on her bday (as Mark took the camera), but we will celebrate next weekend and will have plenty then! We did go to the pool today- her favorite place - and out to dinner with Amby and Josh (who so kindly, helped welcome her into this world)! Oh, and they gave her a super cute dress, which of course Sarah had to put on when we got home, and she is now sleeping in!

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