Monday, January 11, 2010

Kids and love...

I was putting a wedding picture in a Valentine's Day frame, and Jakob said
"That's from when you guys got married, you were kissing." Sarah chimed in with "Silly Daddy!"
I said "What do you mean silly Daddy? He's kissing Mommy." Sarah, "Why?"

A few weeks ago (when Nana and Papa were here), Jakob was playing outside with the neighbor kids, having a snow ball fight with them (brother and sister). During he dinner he said "Dimitri said I am going to be in the love," while rolling his eyes and grinning. We assume he meant with Dimitri's sister, Brianna - we all did our best not to laugh!

Today in the car I asked Jakob if he had fun at school today, "Yeah and Kaedyn was wearing a really pretty butterfly dress, it had lots of butterflies that were all different colors." Me,"Oh did you tell her how pretty she looked?"
Jakob, "I think so, I'm not sure, Oh yes I did (smile on his face)".
He is definetly "in the love" with Kaedyn! Kaedyn has professed to her parents that Jakob is her boyfriend and told their preschool teacher, Linda, that she loves him!!
So cute!!

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