Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sarah's new words - almost 21 months old

"No Mommy, mo wiggo", No Mommy, more Wiggles - she LOVES the Wiggles
"I know a chicken", from the Lori Berkner song "I know a chicken"
"Baby poop, yay...nemo", talking about her baby that apparently pooped in the potty and is going to get a Nemo fruit snack. This goes for any of her animals - Zebra, Cow, Neigh Neigh (horse) all apparently go poop and get Nemo snacks.
"Sarah's turn"
"Kank u Bradha" - Thank you brother
"Hello Enee" - when picking up the phone, she is trying to say "Hello Ian" - she loves Ian!
"Deeno Bradha" - Dinner Brother - whenever dinner is ready, she likes to call Jakob.
"Buckle Up" - when getting in the car
"Yogurck" - yogurt
"Oh No, baby all (fall) down" - when Jakob has hit his clown punching bag and it falls over - she calls it a baby.
"EEEWWW, YUCK" - to anything that she might not like - food, objects, poop in the potty!

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Amber said...

Cute cute cute! So cute.