Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If you want a good cry read these lyrics from Zach Gill...

Mark is finally able to sit down to work on our dvd's of our kids, the last one was, I believe done just after Sarah was born - so almost 2 years ago. He found this song "Watch Them Grow" by Zach Gill, he emailed me at work today and said I would cry like a baby when I heard the song and that he could barely watch the videos of Sarah and listen to the song at the same time.
So, I watched the video, already teary eyed over the fact that I couldn't even remember when Sarah was 5 months old and making super cute noises, rolling over, had no hair, just that little hair chunk in the front with those huge cheeks - then about 5 minutes into the movie this song starts, I didn't know when it would start but as soon as I heard the first words "She's close to God," I started balling, I knew it was the song, maybe because I hadn't heard that lyric before, but as it went on "You see, for her, he'd do anything" I knew it was THE song! He paired the song with me and Sarah in swimming lessons, nothing that special, but she is so darn cute! Anyhow, Mark always knows how to get to the core of my soul - damn him! :)
The rest of the video is priceless, it follows the kids everyday activities and big accomplishments, like Sarah crawling, Jakob playing sports, turning 4 and Sarah walking! I think I cried harder at the fact that I didn't remember some of these things, I remember Sarah walked early but don't really remember her first steps, thank goodness for video! I remember Jakob's first steps, I feel a tinge of guilt but then when I have a reality check, I remember that I wasn't working while taking care of him, and didn't have another kid to take care of. Plus Sarah was everywhere and I do remember her always trying to take a step and then falling down, not like Jakob who would take a step and basically ran right away - nuts! Even seeing little things like how we had all our toy boxes around our TV to prevent Sarah from touching any buttons, or how big Sarah got so fast- she didn't fit in her little tub at 5 months, how she LOVED Roxy and would say "da" for dog before "Mama", or Jakob's sweet little voice and how he used to say "world' in a sweet little way when he sang "Twinkle Twinkle" or how he used to have a "mean face".
Anyhow, I guess I'm trying to say, I wish I could remember all their sweet noises, movements just like the first time they happen. Watching the movie made me realize that life moves sooooooo fast, I knew that before, but this really hit home. I think about how stressed we've been as a family with work, money, moving, etc. and I think, "Look at this movie it shows how precious our life really is, who cares where we live (rain or sun),or what we are wearing or driving, look at our gorgeous kids and all the amazing things they are doing, because of us - how great is that!"
What a great feeling, to be able to realize the enjoyment of watching our kids grow.

"Watch Them Grow" by Zach Gill

She's close to God, I'm sure of that
She sits him down, and they have a chat
She asks for sunshine, and he agrees
You see, for her, He'd do anything
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
She is a monkey, and I'm her tree
And now she's climbing all over me
Swinging on my vines dancing on my limbs
Her monkey sounds sound like angel's hymns
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
She is an angel, she is an imp
She's got my big toe, and her mother's lips
She gives fishy kisses, and great big bear hugs
42 pounds of pure love
Then one day she'll be 17, feelin' too big for her home
Seems she was just only 3, oh how our children they grow
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
Then one day she'll be 33, maybe with a child of her own
Seems she was just 17, oh how our children they grow
He'll ask for sunshine, and she'll agree
You see for him, she'd do anything
He is her child, the center of her world
She is his mother... my little girl
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go


Amber said...

omg, i'm doomed. already crying at the lyrics alone. wah!

Wendy said...

Its so intense them getting big. Its such a hard 24/7 job but we all know we'll miss it when they are big and don't think we're "cool" anymore. :(