Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The new extended family!

Well we finally did it, we all got to meet Mark's birth Mom, Molly and his 4 half sisters, in Omaha! It was so fantastic, the Rouse - Sorrell's are a great bunch of people, super caring, fun and accepting of us. Jakob instantly fell in love with his aunt Chloe, "the teenager", she spent a lot of time with Jakob, whether she liked it or not! He was even spotted waiting near her bed in the mornings, waiting patiently for her to wake up - of course a teenager doesn't wake up at 6 a.m. like Jakob!! We did a lot of visiting with family, had a little birthday celebration for Jakob, hosted by Molly (so sweet), went to the zoo (awesome) and Jakob, Mark, Chloe, Maddy, and Molly went ice skating. The kids were a handful with the traveling, time change and all the spoiling and attention that was given to them, but all in all they were very good.

Jakob with his new Aunts, Chloe (Chlo Chlo as Jakob calls her) and Madeline (Maddy) - seriously these ladies are such spoilers, but so great with kids. We are thinking of kidnapping them and keeping them as our nannies!

Jakob and Molly ice skating
Jakob waiting for his surprise 5th Birthday cake!
Jakob going for a swing ride with the Sorrell's in the front yard, in the table cloth no less!!
Jakob LOVING it!
Jakob, Molly and Mark
Jakob lost his 1st tooth on the morning of his 5th Birthday - he is officially a big boy now!
The Tooth Fairy made a visit to Omaha!
Omaha Zoo - the gorillas - so amazing!
In awe!
Sarah and Kate - Sarah's look like - at least in baby pictures, I seriously think she will be a twin of Kate's when she grows up - which is good - Kate is gorgeous! Funny thing, Kate used to stick her tongue out like Sarah does now - we have to tell Sarah to put her tongue in her mouth! Oh and I had to tell her not to lick the seats in the airplane - yeah - that was fantastic!
Me and Sarah up close with a gorilla - Sarah was not as happy as I was!

The whole gang - (left to right - Maddy, Chloe, Kate, Emily, Molly, Mark, Sarah, Me and Jakob)
Had to put this picture up - if you look closely, Sarah is biting my head and Jakob is completely frowning - we left the zoo after this - breakdown time!
Sarah, Molly and Emily - playing.
Had to put the next two pictures together - not sure if this behavior is in the genetic code or who taught who, to do this!?!


-a said...

Love! Awesome pic with the head biting, so funny. Also, I love the one of Sarah in front of the gorilla.

dakotasmommy said...

wow that is huge! how did they find eachother?