Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 09

Our little Bumble Bee and Han Solo (Jakob was insistent on being Han this year, not a Jedi, not Vader - Han - thanks to Grandma Kathy for the awesome costume - he LOVES it and has asked to sleep in it!) Sarah loves her little bee costume, I brought it home from the store and she said "Peeeetttyyyyy Beeeeeeee BZZZZZ"

We painted our pumpkins this year for the first time, it was super fun and a lot less messy - except for Sarah!
Oh, Jakob lost his 2nd bottom tooth on t0/30/09 - very exciting!!

We went down to our little downtown in our neighborhood - called Multnomah village (shops, restaurants etc) - where they blocked the streets for kids to trick or treat in the shops, it was quite busy and Jakob had a hard time waiting in line while looking at his candy!

Sarah, sugar high. Jakob, sugar low!
Mommy and Sarah taking a rest!
The village full of families out trick or treating!

We drove a few blocks over to visit our friends Amber and Josh, and went trick or treating on their street. This was one of the spooky houses on the block, too spooky for Sarah (music and all), but Jakob or should I say "Han" was quite brave!

Here we are at the first spooky house, right next door to Amber's house. Sarah is on the porch a bit freaked by a skeleton that you can't see - she was just standing there pointing at it - no words coming out. It was really funny!

Sarah, enjoying her "Wolleeeeeee POP"

Mouth full of candy, working on his next choice!!

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Wendy said...

Sooo cute, you too, mama. LOVE the the orange and blacks!!