Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well, our camera is broken, have to get a new one - so no new pics of anything that has gone on in the past week or so. Our computer hard drive is full, waiting to install another. Therefore, we can't even load the pics from our broken camera onto the computer! AAH!
Besides that, we are keeping busy. Poor Mark is working from home as his office space closed down at the beginning of summer, and has been enduring the kids and I. I try to get them out of the house as much as possible, but it's hard. Hoping he will find a miracle and get a new office out of the house - that will help in the Winter months also.
Tried to go berry picking over the weekend - raspberries - not a good crop at the farm we went to - Sarah managed to get her face covered in the MANY that she did eat!! We will attempt to get some raspberries at another farm, maybe this weekend. Until then we are enjoying our smoothies with our frozen blueberries!

Yesterday we had a play date or a play day really with Jakob's buddy Ian. I took the two of them to the Oaks Bottom Amusement Park for Preschool rides - two hours for 6 bucks, all the little rides a kid could want. They rode all of the rides except for 2 because I couldn't take the spinning and they weren't tall enough to ride by themselves - yes the Mom had to bow out on a preschool ride! They loved the rides, even the roller coaster, rode the super slide at least 10 times! We came home for rest time and then off to the Beaverton Park with water fountains to play in, that was a hit for about 10 minutes - Jakob got side swiped by a huge kid and fell smack on the concrete on his side, he was done after that. Ian went back in for awhile then it was off to the play structure and then to the farmers market for Popsicles, kettle corn and berries. Oh, and some tomatoes that Jakob proceeded to eat like an apple - he's a boy after my own heart! The boys were fantastic and both went to bed very easily or so Julie told me about Ian!!

Jakob started his Wood Shop class at the Multnomah Arts Center - and he LOVED it! It's a class for 4-6 year olds, he is the youngest of the 3 in his class. Talk about lots of one on one attention. He learned how to use a vice, saw wood, hammer nails and drill with a manual drill. He says he is building a "Pirate Ship", we'll see! This class is a 1 hour class on Thursdays, parents are not to attend - so 1 hour to myself - in the building - maybe to read?! Amazing. So, of course I signed him up for the Monday class as well! Sarah is not at daycare on Monday though, so she and I will play at the park, while Jakob builds.
Jakob also starts swim lessons next week - it's going to be a busy end of July beginning of August! Summer is flying by. I will be getting foot surgery August 11th (bunion), my Mom will be here for that, then back to work on August 24th, I can't believe it's just a month away - summer always goes by so fast!
Oh, and Sarah is 18 months, has her check up next week - she is so big. She came home today from daycare with pigtails - oh my God - she looked so big!! Killed me!! She also said "Mo Mik Pees" (More Milk Please) - that's a real sentence - unbelievable!

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