Friday, August 29, 2008

The haps in the household

This is what's been happening in our house in the last couple days, besides, the kids having colds, me being back to work and being super stressed, and Mark, working a ton while at the same time, semi-training for his 10k (Nike Human Race) that he will be running on Sunday - wish him (actually wish me) luck that he doesn't totally kill his knees/body - then I'll have 3 kids to take care of!!
Mark was off of work yesterday and took care of both kids by himself, all day, for the first time (Jakob's school was closed yesterday and today) - they all survived and had a great day at the zoo and the park - but as can be expected by all of us wives, the house was a disaster and the husband was asleep/out of commision at 8pm - hello!!
I had the kids today, went to a puppet show, played in the house and ended this evening with a play date with Jakob's buddy Jake and his Moms - had pizza, beer, wine and lots of exercise for the boys.

Here are a few pictures of some of the fun that's been happening:

Sarah has found as much excitement as I have, in the newest toy in our house!

Took the kids to a puppet show today, really cute, but totally Portland (It was in a wierd garden space off of a residential/commercial street).

Sarah is finally fitting in and outgrowing these shoes (Thanks Aunt Wendy), and it wasn't too hot to wear them today - super cute! If you look closely you can see Sarah's 2 teeth.

Doing some skating indoors...

Meanwhile in the livingroom, Sarah is climbing into this for the first time!

Looking cute, but totally up to no good!

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