Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A quick end to summer...

Mark took Jakob on an end of summer camping trip - after Labor Day when everyone is back to school and the campsites are open, well the only problem was that Fall decided to come quick and hard - it poured here in the city with record rainfall, and rained quite a bit up at Lost Lake where they camped. Jakob knew that it was going to rain and wanted to go anyway, Mark said he would take him, so they went and toughed it out, and it sounds like it was quite the Macgyver experience - with trench digging, shelter making, fire building in the rain, fishing in the rain, hiking and boating - with a bit of sun here and there!

A boy on an adventure, hiking in the woods, following animal tracks, and finding all sorts of fun things.

Fishing in the rain, didn't catch anything but was so excited about fishing.
A boy, a stick, and fire, what more can I say here! In the background, Mark's Macgyver contraption to keep the tent dry - it worked!
Fishing on a boat today, they were the only ones out on the lake, nothing caught, but Jakob was determined to fish! Mark said he even wanted to eat the fish for breakfast if they caught one today!
Lost Lake, this is where you would see Mt. Hood, if it was clear. Still quite gorgeous though.

After Jakob's camping adventure, he returned to start in his new soccer league - Foothills Soccer. He went to his first practice and is a true Oregonian now, he played soccer in the pouring rain and didn't complain for a second!

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