Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun Times in Sequim

We did a quick end of the summer trip up to Sequim and of course had a fantastic time with the Schroeder family! Thanks again guys, it was great!

The kids both woke up with the rooster, and were set on going outside at the crack of dawn, luckily we were able to get them to say inside until 7, then it was "Can we go see the animals, PAAAALEASE!".
This morning, they slept thru most of the rooster crowing, Sarah did yell from her bed, "That cockledoodledoing is toooooo loud for me in my crib, ROOSTER!" Then fell back to sleep for about 1/2 hour.

Daddy and Sarah, early morning visit with the horse, which she was set on seeing but wouldn't touch, until today, she was totally loving on her, Willow is such a sweet horse, I wish we had a photo of how gentle she was with Sarah.
Some potty training on the spot, it is way more exciting to pee in the dirt with the potential of goats, chickens and a horse watching you!
Feeding the goats, a serious favorite of Sarah's, she tried to feed them everything. She also talked to them about her baby doll, the moon she saw, the cows she saw, the chickens, her coat and how it was dirty etc. Really cute.
At Oyster Beach, a sunny evening with friends and kids entertaining themselves - fantastic!
Wendy and I are laughing at our picture taking skills or lack there of!
Sarah, the shell collector
Abby and Jakob, serious shell collectors, went out into the water for their treasures! Even found Dungeness crab shells, pinchers etc, very exciting for Jakob.
An attempt at a group shot - each kid is displaying their age quite appropriately -
lets start with Sarah: age 2 1/2 no clothes on, refusing to sit where everyone else is and won't look at the camera
Wes: age 1, not sure what is going on
Abby: age 7, posing so sweetly with her brother
Jakob: age 5, total goofy face
Moon over the bay, just outside of Wen and Joe's dining room! The picture doesn't do it one bit of justice, it was gorgeous.
Of course we had to make a trip to the farm, this was Jakob's favorite - climbing the hay with Abby!
Cutie pies!
Rope swing in the loft of the barn!

While Jakob was having fun in the hay, Sarah was quite busy greeting all the baby cows, I heard her tell one that was born a couple days ago, "You were just borned cow, from your Mommy, when you are bigger you can get borned again." I'm thinking she meant that when they get bigger they can have a baby too? It was so cute. She also greeted all the BIG cows with her baby doll, "Hi cows," and then a bunch of babble, I couldn't hear but saw a bunch of arm movements, so she was having quite the talk with them!

All in all a great trip, as usual, I live for these trips, just wish they were longer. Reconnecting, laughing and kids exploring, playing and learning together - really fantastic!

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Wendy said...

Yeah... love you guys. so much fun- all sorts of talk here about our next visit and abs and the possibility of doing the zoo in portland. Hugs to everyone.