Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend happenings

Our neighborhood had a parade/festival this weekend - Multnomah Days. We enjoyed the parade and kid activities. They had a dog parade which the kids really enjoyed, lots of local businesses marched thru and gave out candy to the kids, along with a couple bands. Sarah was overwhelmed by it all, not that happy, until she saw our friend Josh driving a car and of course when she got to have some candy!

Here are the bag pipers, Jakob and I really like them, Sarah had her hands over her ears but her foot was tapping to the beat! She also pointed out that they "put that horn thingy in their mouthes to make the music" (Mouths pronounced Mouth-es)
Jakob, looking a bit unsure about this whole parade thing, and maybe not sure of the candy that was being given to him by strangers!

Sarah in her gymnastics class - of course being a "Monkey Man"!

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